A Whole New World
Season One, Episode Seven
A Whole New World
First Aired March 16th 2013
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A Whole New World, is the seventh episode of Season One of Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. It first aired on March 16th 2013. It is written by IiLoveKlaine.


A couple of Glee Club members feel as though they are lost who they are as a person. Using songs from Disney, they find away to solve their problems.


Tension filled the entire theater as the audience are waiting for the final result.  The New Directions, The Warblers and the Unitards all lined up on stage anxiously waiting.

“We will win, I  just know it” Whispered Drew, to Kerwin, who was rather unsure.

The judges return from their judging room, and sat at the judges panel, The girls in New Directions were all fidgeting with their outfits and hair, while the boys from The Warblers were whispering and trying to point out anything wrong with the New Directions.

One of the male judges, stood up with an envelope in hand, “Ugh! Seriously this is taking forever. Can’t they just announce it already!” Said, Hayley impatiently.

The New Directions hushed Hayley, and waited for Molly to announce.

“And the Winner, of this year’s sectional’s competition is...”

Everyone stood there in their places,  New Directions holding their hands and looking nervous. The Warblers on the other hand, were standing very tall, with large smiles looking extremely confident with themselves.

“Those losers don’t stand a chance”  Jack said to Hinton.

Of course, Luke heard what he said, and was disgusted by the insult. “You think you got what it takes to win don’t you? You think because you are in this very rich school of yours, you can beat everyone. You’re wrong. You are selfish, and don’t know anything about winning a competition like this.” He said, angrily.

“Oh and you do?” replied Jack.

“Anymore than what you do.” answered Luke.

“Alright that’s enough!” said Kerwin, trying to break up their disagreement.

“The winner is! The Warblers!” Shouted the judge.

The Warbler’s were thrilled that they have won! Of course they knew they would, but they were thrilled that New Directions had lost.

As everyone was about to leave the stage, Someone from the judging panel ran in. Of course! No one realized that there was one of the judges were missing! Why didn’t they see that before.

“WAIT! WAIT” Jay shouted.

Everyone who was leaving their seats looked around, He had a small piece of card in his hand,

“He obviously forgot our prize for winning.” Snickered Jack.

“Oh be quiet, you troll.” Emma said. As if that was the best insult she could give him.

Jack laughed.

“WAIT!” the last  Jay said, as he hurried his way to the judging panel where luckily the other judges were still there.

“What’s going on?” They both asked.

Breathlessly, Jay who ran inside, took a seat and said “I was captive by someone, and I couldn’t get out. They knew I had the final vote.”

Everyone looked at each other surprised and confused. “Who was it?” asked Kerwin.

Jay took a deep breath and answered “I’m not sure, Someone in a black hoodie, I thought it was one of the competitors, but they ran into the auditorium.”

Kerwin was concerned but thankful. “Well, at least you are here now to announce.”


Everyone was so shocked and appalled by the rudeness that Jack said. The judges all shook there heads.

“Look, as much as we all wanted you and The Warbler’s to win, it gives me great pleasure to announce, that there has been a tie between The Warblers and The New Directions!” Said Molly who started to stand up and started clapping.

“HOW DARE YOU.” Shouted Jack.

Jack looked at Luke and Kerwin, who both starred at him. “You’ll pay for this.” he said angrily.

Luke looked at Kerwin who shrugged. “And how would you do that?” Luke asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Snarled Jack.

Kerwin noticed this disagreement and shooked his head. “Jack  isn’t it?  Be thankful you are going to Regionals. Because with that attitude, could get you and your glee club disqualified.”

“Just you wait and see, Losers. I will make your life, a living hell, and I will make sure that you’re precious star, Luke, will leave your glee club for good, and you will never stand a chance with us. Understood?” Jack said.

“Is that a threat?” asked Luke.

Jack raised his eyebrows, and stood right in front of Luke, face to face, not blinking at all.

“Could be.  See you around. Freaks.” and with a wave of his hand, he and the warblers left to go back to their school.

“Just ignore them.” Emma said, trying to comfort Luke, who looked shaken up.

The New Directions all stood and watched as the last few people in the audience leave the theater.

Emma sighed, and hold Luke’s hand tightly. “It will be okay, I promise.” she said promising.

“Do you really believe what they said about Luke?” Hayley asked Kerwin.

Kerwin shook his head, “No. Because we are The New Directions, and we will stick together, and whatever happens, we will not let those guys beat us, because we are stronger and much more determine what they are. We have something, that they don’t.”

Jade looked over to Emma, Hayley and Drew, and asked “And what’s that?”

“We have amazing voices, and one hell of amazing kids. They have nothing compared to us.” Kerwin said confidently.

The kids from New Directions all smiled, and hugged Luke and walked off the stage in the empty auditorium.


The morning after Sectionals. Such an exhausting week the glee kids had so far. Training and preparing, practicing singing wherever they go, and tapping their feet while tapping the pencil on the table, in History class. And for what? Just a tie.

It would have been much better if they had won it for real, and they didn’t have to face The Warblers, but no. They JUST had to come along with them for the ride. Truth is, they had much more powerment and much more determination than those slimes ever did. But of course, the judges thought it was fair enough to turn it into a tie just so they can make the glee kids miserable all over again.

If they were horrible last time they saw the group, The Warblers will make the Glee kids ten times more worse and making their life a living hell, and by the end, it’ll be The Warblers with the National Trophy, not Mckinley.

Luke sighed, deep into thought, he hadn’t realised he was already in the choir room, he had arrived early, for the first time in forever. He was staring at the ground, as if he saw it moved but of course it didn’t.

The Glee Club members started arriving and noticed Luke was there. Emma gasped at the site, it looked as though Luke had not slept all night, and it looked like he had not washed his hair since the night before. Let alone brushed it or style it like he usually does.

“Oh my gosh” Everyone was muttering to each other.

“Luke?” Emma asked, sitting next to him, she noticed what time it was, and couldn’t understand why he’s there so early.

“Luke?” she asked again waiting for a reply.

“What if they’re right” Luke said, looking down at the ground.

Luke’s voice was much different than yesterday. Something must have happened over night to make Luke be like this. But what was it? No one had any idea why Luke was acting this way.

Emma looked at the others, and they all shook their heads. She turned back at Luke who was still miserable and looking down to the ground.

“What if who is right, Luke?” she asked.

Luke shook his head, and did not answer for several minutes. Emma placed her hand on his shoulder and shooed the others away so they could have a private conversation.

“The Warblers. What if they’re right. What if Jack was right about winning, what if he was right about me. “ Luke said, not even a single sentence did he ever looked up to see Emma’s face.

Emma gasped at the response. “Luke you can’t think like that! It’s not true.”

Luke disagreed with Emma, and shooked his head “It could be. He wanted me out and join their group! He seemed convincing enough.”

Emma frustratingly got up and started heading out the door. “Listen, what happened to you Luke? Since when did you listen to that bald shape fat ass head. Since when did you become this downer? The Luke I know, isn’t like that. The Luke I know, is more stronger than that.”

Luke did not answer. He didn’t know what to say to that. He didn’t know anymore, he was confused, and conflicted. Emma doesn’t understand, if only she did though. She is his girlfriend after all.

But why was Luke so confused? All he had to do is refuse the offer to join the Warblers. Maybe it’s just everything lately and it’s all bundled up together that’s about to explode really soon. Poor Luke, he had no idea what to do. It’s as though the Glee club is focusing on him and want him to be the hero. What if Luke does join the Warblers? It would be less drama, that’s for sure or would it?

Luke is tired of everything, he’s tired of the Warblers, and tired of being the hero. He’s just so confused with all of his feelings and had no idea what to do.

Luke sighed, in the lonely empty Choir room, he can barely focus and barely even concentrate on looking forward to the lesson, like he does every day.

Just then, Hayley, Emma and Gina all walked in together and sat down beside him. Emma sat in the middle of Gina and Hayley, because she tried to help Luke, but he just moped around.

“Why bother.” Luke said, mumbling.

The girls turned their heads, in a shock expression and Emma said “Luke, you may not feel like you’re in the mood right now. But you aren’t the only one in this classroom. Hayley Gina and myself are all here for one thing and that is singing and preparing for sectionals. We bother because we want to. If you don’t want to be here then fine. But don’t make us feel down about ourselves either, just because you’re in a funk. You’re more than just Luke the hero, you’re my boyfriend and our friend. You’re far from a loser, and you know what, Those guys who say they’re the Warblers, are stupid and have no idea who you are. So perhaps start thinking about who’s right here and start thinking realistically. Because friends know you better..”

“Sure. Whatever you say girlfriend.” Luke said sarcastically and closed his eyes as he pulled his head back against the chair.

Kerwin arrived, along with the rest of the glee club. They all sat down, and Kerwin took out one of his markers and began writing on the board.

DISNEY He turned around and noticed how excited and pleased his kids were.

“O.M.G It’s about time we finally did a Disney tribute!” Hayley shouted, clapping her hands.

“I know the exact song I’m going to sing.” Trae said. Looking at Emma, Gina and Jade and back at Gareth.

“The task for this week, is find a song that reflects on who you are as a person and your relationships with your friends. I know lately there has been some difficult time for us all, but I think with assignment, the answer could be  right under your noses“ Kerwin said smiling and looking at everyone.


To start off with the class assignment Gina and Skyler  figured the best thing to do was sing about their newly formed relationship.

Kerwin singled for the music to play, and so Skyler stood in front of the class, Skyler sings the first  couple of verses to A Whole New World and chorus to Gina while she was sitting down and gazing into her eyes. Skyler smiled back and danced around her chair flirting with her,then  he stood back into the middle of the classroom and allowed Gina to stand up.

When it was Gina’s turn, she took Skylers hand, and they began spinning around playfully together. Gina let go of his hands, and she danced around the Glee Club, entwining with the chairs and gazing at Skyler as she goes.

Gina took Skyler and they both danced some more in the choir room, the lights dimmed down and they look back at their friendship, by having flashbacks from when they first met.

At the end of the song, the lights became brighter, and so Gina and Skyler hugged each other.

Everyone clapped and cheered, it was so romantic and so sweet. Even Luke was surprised with it.

“Well done guys! I love how you two explored the new relationship you two have! excellent work!” Kerwin said, cheerfully.

“Thank you, sir!” Gina said happily, as she took Skyler’s hand and dragged him to the seats.

“That was amazing.” Whispered, Jade.

Gina nodded her head, and said thanks.


After Glee Club, Trae, Emma, Gina and Jade all walked together to their lockers to collect their books for their next classes, when they all opened their lockers at the same time Gareth walked by.  Trae was looking at his locker, he had a picture of himself and Gareth sitting at the lunch tables and smiling and waving to the camera being silly.

Trae had known Gareth for a long time, they haven’t exactly been known as best friends, but since Glee Club Gareth and Trae have been getting to know each other a lot more, and becoming good friends. They’ve been singing and dancing together whenever they’re paired up for an assignment, or whenever they have class projects it’s always the teacher who decides to pair these two up.

Typically, Trae would accept, and move on, but since lately, he’s been getting feelings for him, he isn’t quite certain what these feelings are yet. But whenever they accidentally touch in glee club or whenever Gareth walks past, he gets butterflies in his stomach.

“So Trae, how are you and Gareth going?” Emma asked, as she closed her locker door.

Trae looked up at her just as soon as he heard the name. “Fine, why do you ask?”

Gina giggled, and rolled her eyes. “We have seen you two exchange looks earlier today in Glee Club. Don’t tell us there isn’t something going on between you two is there?”

All three girls looked at Trae at once, and as all eyes are staring at him, Trae turned around to see Gareth just standing five lockers down.

“No.. Of course not.” Trae said looking back at the girls.

“Yeah right Trae! We can see right through you!” Jade said, as she watched the gaze that Trae did moments before.

“If there is a prize for rotten judgement, I guess I already won that.” Trae said, as he slammed the locker door.

He put his hands on his hips and suddenly music to I Won't Say I'm in Love began to play on Emma’s music player.

He started to sing the words as the girls sang backup. Their clothes changed into more fancy style with full length navy  blue dresses and Trae wearing a black suit.

Trae moved towards Gareth singing at him, while he was taking his books out. The girls followed him and started to do a small dance routine. While singing this song, Gareth has no idea what is going on, as if it was a dream sequence.

Trae continued to sing to Gareth dancing around him as Skyler started walking, making sure that it was sung directly to Gareth he then he began singing it to the girls, as if he was denying his feelings or telling the girls what he feels.

Of course the girls didn’t believe him, but who cares what they think. Trae knows how he feels about Gareth and to be honest, he aint got no time for that! At least he thinks so.

As the song slowly ending, Trae,Emma, Gina and Jade headed towards the auditorium where the rest of the glee club was watching the performance.

The song had finished and everyone had cheered yet again.

“Fantastic Trae! You know you’re not in love with someone and you showed us all how you feel through that song! great idea! You know who you are as a person and you won’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Awesome song choice.” Kerwin said clapping his hands while standing up.

Trae bowed at the audience and looked over at Gareth, he noticed Gareth was smiling, and that’s a good sign. It proved that Gareth liked the song and the performance which Trae did.

Trae’s stomach began to feel weird again, like butterflies. Maybe the song wasn’t a great song choice after all....


After Cheerio practice, Hayley decided to get some alone time hiding in the girls bathroom, normally she would text Juan right about now and ask to fool around skipping History class,, but because of this weeks assignment for Glee Club, she wasn’t in the mood, she needed to find a song to sing, and with all the disney soundtracks that she owned on her ipod, there is bound to be something for her.

She wasn’t entirely sure what she was going to sing about, since she was happy enough with her life, fooling around with guys and girls, not actually be involved with anyone, just a simple life with no complications.

Sounds pretty perfect enough.  But seeing the other members of The Glee Club singing about relationships and friendships, it’s kind of difficult for Hayley to sing about since for one, she doesn’t have a proper relationship. Unless of course you count sex as dating, which most people don’t.

and secondly, Hayley doesn’t have any best friends. She did have Perry and her Cheerios, but since joining the glee Club, she rarely have time for them. To be really honest, Hayley feels lost without them, and she misses them in the glee club. It was much more fun with them there. But since Perry got kicked out, it’s been different.

Now she has only been focusing on the glee club and well, that’s it.

Hayley sighed and stared into her reflection in the mirror. She wasn’t always like this, she wasn’t always the type who would join such a club. Sure she could quit, but she likes dancing and singing, and the glee club needs members.

Searching for the perfect song, Hayley looked through her Disney playlist, to which she noticed an unnamed song. The song started off slowly and quietly but flutes began to play and it didn’t take long before she recognises the song; Reflection.

She started singing, and once she continued into the verse she realised how accurate the song relates to her and her dreams. Whatever they could be. .

It wasn’t long, before she was in front of the class in the choir room, singing to the group and Kerwin.

Then as she reached to the high note at the end, everyone was so shocked and had no idea she could belt that high note!

As the song was coming to a close, everyone began clapping and cheering and giving her a standing ovation.


“Exceptional job Hayley! You truly captured your feelings in this one!” Kerwin said, as he was giving her a pat on the back.

Everyone surrounded her and gave her a hug, except of course Luke who was sitting down mumbling to himself.

“Luke? Have you got a song prepared yet?” Kerwin asked, turning around with his hands on his hips.

Luke shrugged his shoulders to which Emma grunted at him. “UGH Luke! This assignment is meant for you to express yourself, not mope about all day every day. Come on Luke, surely you don’t have anything to say to me, your girlfriend? or anything you could be feeling?” Emma said, giving him a hug.

Luke grinned at her. “You? Oh I got the perfect song to sing about you. Girlfriend...” Luke stood up and ran his hands through his hair trying to be sexy, but with an unwashed hair, and greasy hands, it’s kind of not what you would call  appealing for the ladies. .

“What has got into that boy?” Jade whispered to Gina.

Gina shrugged, and watched as Luke made his way to the center of the room to which Hayley was about to be seated along with the rest of the club.

“Men of Glee Club, I need your assistance on this one.” Luke said to the boys.

The boys had no choice but to stand up and into position. “Just follow my lead boys.” he instructed.

And music began to play. “Emma honey, this song is for you.” He blown her a kiss, sarcastically, and started singing the song A Girl Worth Fighting For.

Each New Directions boy had a line, and sang in front of Emma each time they sang the line. Their costume was working outfits, with overalls and suspenders. They danced around the room,  marching around and making flirty faces with the girls, and not exactly taking it seriously.

Emma was so shocked with Luke, she couldn’t believe what was going on. She watched as the boys did their performance in disgust. However, on the other side of Emma, Hayley seemed to be enjoying it.

All of the girls had blank faces on while Kerwin, well, he had a very disappointing look on his face. He has never seen Luke like this since he joined. It was a very unusual for Luke to act this way.

Towards the end Luke took Emma by the hands and said “A girl worth fighting for!” and as he turned to look at Emma, Emma’s hand raised, and she slapped him! And stormed out of the Choir Room with Jade and Gina following after her.

“Well, she sure is a fighter that one.” Luke laughed, and sat back down next to Hayley with his head leaning back as his eyes watched the ceiling.

For once, Kerwin had no words for a performance.


As soon as Glee Club had ended, everyone all left except for Skyler, Paul, Gina and Drew who were walking out slowly behind.

Drew started humming the song Kiss the Girl, which lyrics had been changed to Kiss the Boy and he began singing the song at Skyler who was walking towards his locker.

The others behind them, were singing back up, and as the song continued to the Chorus, they followed Skyler and took him with them, while he was carrying his books out into the courtyard.

Meanwhile, Paul behind was unhappy about the serenade, he was so sure that he had a chance, but Drew made it clear that he liked Skyler more than him. But as a friend he was supportive and continued with the song because that’s what friends do. It sucks, but hey, maybe there will be another opportunity later. Who knows.

Paul shrugged and sang his part with the others, and as they reached to the courtyard, Gina, was still frustratedly annoyed at Drew, and of course Drew had no idea.

Drew should have known that Gina and Skyler together! Seriously what the hell is he thinking, not to mention Skyler is straight?! Doesn’t anyone notice Gina anymore or her relationships with her friends?

They all danced around Drew and Skyler romantically, paired up with one another and danced at once, setting the mood for each other.

As the song was about to end, Drew and Skyler are now standing closely in front of each other face to face. The music stopped and Gina and Paul was finally thankful, but still upset.

Drew should have known more! And Poor Paul, it’s hard enough trying not to be so obvious about his feelings for Drew, but when Drew just  happens to serenade Skyler, it’s annoying!

Gina had about enough. She was tired of just waiting for people to notice her, she was tired of just being the back up singer in nearly every song they sing.

Gina walked up to drew and tapped him on the shoulder. “Drew. How can you do this to me?! I thought I made it pretty obvious that Skyler and I are dating in the song we sang earlier?!”

Drew’s jaw dropped, and was shocked, he hadn’t realised what happened he was too focused on impressing Skyler when he forgot that Skyler had a girlfriend.

“Gina I- “

“I had enough! I am sick and tired of everyone not noticing me! I deserve more than just being a backup singer, I deserve to be able to walk in the hallways with MY BOYFRIEND SKYLER without having guys hitting on him! You people are suppose to be my friends! Start treating me like one because I have it up to here!” Gina angrily said, raising her hand above her head.

“Skyler don’t even talk! Yes we’re a newly found couple and yes we are Gyler but people should know about us! Seriously. Did you not even mention it to anyone?” Gina continued.

“, I thought you did.” Skyler muttered to Gina.

Gina shooked her head. “I can’t believe this. What is going on with everyone lately! I’m doing my best to be the nice one, but I have had it! I will be spending this lunch time ALONE. Come talk to me when you guys realise that I exist.” and Off Gina went, storming away, to her next class as fast as she could.

“Wow.” Skyler said to drew. “I wasn’t expecting any of that.”

Both Drew and Skyler looked at each other, “Yeah me either.” Drew said, looking down at his shoes.

Gina then suddenly stormed back to the boys, and where everyone was walking away from the awkwardness. “Oh and Skyler I thought you should know, DREW HAS A BIG  CRUSH ON YOU which he has since the moment you two even met! I only say this because you’re MY BOYFRIEND  and that’s how it should be. Now excuse me, I have a lunch date. WITH MYSELF”

and with that, Drew ran off crying in tears somewhere, and Gina stormed away faster than she did before. It wasn’t long before Gina bumped into Hayley, who was on the floor as though she was looking for something.

Gina watched for a moment before finally asking, “What are you doing Hayley?”

Hayley looked up and noticed it was one of the girls from Glee club. “Oh hi Gina.” Hayley said, scavenging around on the floor. “Not much, just looking for my dreams.”

Gina was slightly confused, as to what Hayley meant, and raised an eyebrow. “You’re looking for your dreams?” she asked.

Hayley nodded sadly, and crawled a bit further. “Yeah, I honestly don’t know where my dreams are, I’ve heard you have to go search for your dreams, but I have been looking for them everywhere. I think I lost them”

Gina had never heard anyone say such a sentence like that in her life. And to be honest, she has much bigger problems of her own to deal with. “Well, good luck finding your dreams. It could be all in your head, your heart, or even right under your nose. Have hope, you’ll find them eventually.”

and with that last word, Gina walked away flicking her hair as she goes. Hayley sat on the floor for a moment, “How am I suppose to find my dreams in my heart or my head, I’ll need an x-ray for that.” she thought to herself. And continue crawling around on the ground as students continued walking past her giving her strange looks as they go.


As Gina, continued walking to her locker, she then bumped into Luke, who was still looking rather depressed and in a funk.

“Watch it Luke” She snapped as she was walking in the middle of the hallway.

“Well sorry Princess. This hall is only enough for one royalty.” Luke said sarcastically.

“And whose that? The dog?” she said rolling her eyes.

“Of course not. You don’t see dogs here do you.” Luke replied.

Gina coughed for a few seconds after realising what Luke had just answered, “Honestly, if there is one dog around here, it’s you.”

“Ouch girl, that hurts.” he said using his finger to draw a line down his cheek from his eye as though it was a tear.

“As if you would know. Emma, Myself and a few others of Glee Club have all been nothing but nice to you all day, and you just ignore us and sulk in your misery because of what some boy said from another school!” Gina shouted, crossing her arms.

“You seriously don’t still believe that guy do you?” she asked him curiously.

“What do you think.. Princess.” Luke answered sarcastically, and walked off bumping into her shoulder on purpose.

“UGH. That boy seriously drives me crazy sometimes! I just wished, people would listen to me,  I want them to notice me, I want Skyler to notice me .” and as Gina was heading to her own Locker she began to sing Part of Your World.

She opens her locker and observes her photos and items that she has which reminds herself and Skyler. She then turns to the other side of her locker and looked at a picture of herself and the Glee Club together on the first day.

As she reached to the chorus, she entered the Auditorium where everyone was seated and watched her sing. She was singing her heart out and expressing her feelings she have about what she said to Skyler and Drew and also about what she said to the others.

“Amazing Gina, purely amazing! What inspired you to sing that song?” Kerwin asked her.

Gina looked over to Skyler and Drew who were sitting as far apart as they can. She sighed and thought for a moment.

“I guess, I realised that this whole time, I wanted to be more than just Gina. The girl who gives advice or sings back up. I wanted to be like the others and I guess I was just jealous. I was also jealous, because I want to be in your life Skyler, and I was scared that I’ll lose you to Drew. “ Gina paused, to take a deep breath and walked off the stage and head towards where Drew was sitting who was giving her the silent treatment.

“I am so sorry Drew. I never meant to say those terrible things or announce that thing to Skyler publicly to him. It was humiliating, and as a friend I should have acted in a more supportive way. I’m sorry Drew.  But May I remind each and everyone of you, that what and how I feel is the truth. I want to be able to stand out a little more in songs and performances. It might be a lot to ask, but I’m willing to give it a go and work hard for it so we can win regionals!”

Everyone stood up and cheered except for Trae who was secretly watching Gareth from behind admiring his looks and thinking more about his feelings for Gareth.


As Glee Club had ended the New Dirctions decided to wait until Luke, Hayley and Gina had left before they could start talking about their behaviour.

“Listen, They have been nothing but rude to us all day and I am tired of Luke acting this way. He have hurt so many people and to be honest I don’t think I could handle any more of his crap. I’m glad I broke up with him.” Emma said, folding her arms and looking at the others.

“WHAT? But what about Lemma? I mean you guys are endgame!”  Naomi  said, disappointed. She was so happy for Luke and Emma she didn’t want them to break up. They were perfect for eachother. At least that’s what he thought.

“Naomi, Promise me you won’t ever say Lemma again. And also, Luke and I were never endgame. I liked him at the start because I thought he was sweet and caring and all that, but after that dumb performance you guys serenaded me with, lets just say, it’ll take more than just a pretty Taylor Swift song and a box of chocolates for Luke and I get together again. For now. Lemma is officially done and dusted.” Emma confirmed. She sighed and looked over to Jade, who was sitting there quietly.

“What do you think about it all Jade?” Emma asked.

Jade looked up at the group who were all seated in a circle.  She had thought a lot these past few days, and even though she is still upset by what happen previously with her and Drew she is willing to get past this and be supportive with her friends.

“I think we need to show them what life is really about.” Jade said, as she stood up and walked out of the Choir Room. Jade then singled for the others to follow her, and off she went sending a quick text to Hayley Gina and Luke.

Auditorium in ten minutes guys. Please be there. xo Jade.

The message sent, and it didn’t take long before the New Directions were at the Auditorium. Everyone except Hayley, Gina and Luke.

Jade sighed, and turned to the group who were confused. “And how do you suppose we'll show those guys what life is about?” Naomi asked Jade.

Jade smiled, and raised her hand. “I have an idea.”

With a little help from a few of her classmates from outside of Glee Club, Jade managed to make the stage more meaningful.

It had pictures of the glee club on boards, and cut out shapes of Luke, Gina and Hayley. The lights were dimming down, to a beautiful golden yellow and a lovely orange colour.

Their outfits suddenly changed and they are now wearing bright colour tee-shirts on each person. No New Direction member had the same colour shirt on.

“Exactly what is your theme here Jade?” Trae asked looking around the stage.

“You’ll see.” Jade said smiling.  It wasn’t long before Luke, Gina and Hayley arrived and observed the stage.

“Oh good lord.” Gina said, shockingly.

Hayley smiled a bit, and waved to the girls. “Oh look it’s Jade!” she said giggling.

Luke rolled his eyes and sat down. “Oh come on. Get a move on, I have much better things to do today than listen to you guys sing.”

Gina rolled her eyes, and slapped Luke across the head. “What was that for!?” he said as he was rubbing his head with his arm.

“Do I really need to explain again Luke?” she said, as she took a seat in between Hayley and Luke.

“Ouch, girl, now that really did hurt.”

“Maybe that’ll knock some sense into you.”  Gina said, shaking her head and looking up to the stage that was lightly lit.

Jade waited before the three settled down and relaxed and singled for Emma to talk. “Alright the rest of us nearly had enough of you three acting so high and mighty, trying to get the attention you guys think you deserve. Except for Hayley, who.... Hayley what the hell are you doing? Emma asked, staring at Hayley.

Hayley looked up, and realised what she was doing. She was on the floor again, trying to grab her phone, from under the chair. To the others, it seemed like she was doing something far more inappropriate.

“Sorry, I lost my phone, but I found it again! Oh by the way, has anyone seen my dreams?  I can’t find them anywhere.” Jade and the rest of the glee club giggled but no one answered, which made Hayley slightly disappointed.

“Anyway!” Emma continued. “As I have said we have gathered you three because we are sick of how you guys been acting and we deserve to be treated a lot more nicer. We know that you guys have been having some doubts and difficulties, but Jade has thought that the best thing to do was to sing you guys a song to show you that there is more to life than being miserable. “ Emma paused and singled the musicians to play.

“Enjoy guys. Oh and Feel free to join in whenever. After all it’s not the New Directions without you three!” Naomi said as she was getting into position. They all began to sing Circle of Life

Skyler began harmonising in front of everyone else, while they were all standing around in a half a circle holding hands.

Then, Drew followed on, and both Skyler and Drew sang the lyrics holding each other hands and smiling at each other, as though they have forgiven each other.

The group then swayed from side to side, moving around the stage each member having a line or two at least.

In the song, there was instrumental playing, while it was playing, Hayley decided to get up taking Gina’s hand and going onto the stage.

Luke’s eyes widen, as the two girls decided to join in.

He realised that this song is one of his favourite Disney songs and was surprised that the New Directions used it for him and the girls. It was a very different way of using it, and while listening to the song, he closed his eyes, and just sat there listening to the lyrics.

Once the song ended, everyone saw that Luke had his eyes closed and had his head back. “Ugh we did all this for you and this what you give us in return, Luke?!” Sarah said, crossing her arms and turning the other way. “Seriously! Even Hayley and Gina decided to join us!”

Luke smiled. “You guys. I wasn’t ignoring the performance. Well... Maybe I was a little. But I was listening to the song. That song was one of my favourite songs besides Reflection, and the fact that you guys sang it to me was just phenomenal. I cannot express how much effort you guys would do this for me, after the way I treated you all.” Luke paused and stood up to get on the stage. He realises now how much trouble he had caused, to Emma, to Gina to everyone, and even though this hadn’t completely took away his doubts, it gave him hope. It gave him hope that with the Glee Club together, and by his side, they will work things out and not let the Warbler’s take him.

“Guys. You have no idea how sorry I am. I know I have done some stupid things this week, and I’m sorry. But to make it up to you, I will help Gina win Regionals. Whatever it takes, we will win. I promise, with all the mistakes I have made, I will make it up to you all somehow. If you’ll let me.”

Luke smiled, and waited as everyone was whispering about it and trying to think of an agreement.  

“Luke. It would be an honour.” Gareth said.

“It’s good to have the old you back.” Emma said, patting him on the shoulder. “Naomi. I still stand by what I said. Luke and I are over.”

“We are?” Luke said, sadly.

“Yes. As I said to the others, it will take a lot more than a Taylor Swift song and chocolate hearts to win me over. But for now, we need a break from each other, it’s for the best Luke.” Emma said, and jokingly she punched him in the arm.

“What was that for.”  Luke asked, rubbing his arm with his other hand.

“Just to remember me by.” Emma said, as she laughed.

Luke was sad and disappointed on the relationship he had ruined. He really did like Emma a lot, but maybe she was right. Maybe it was for the best. But there is one thing Luke knows for sure. Is that whenever he’s in a funk again, he knows that he’ll always have his friends with him through the entire journey.

Because that’s what friends are for.


Song Title Original Artist/s and Movie/s Performer(s)
A Whole New World Brad Kane and Lea Salonga from Aladdin Gina Garcia and Skyler Parks
I Won't Say I'm in Love Susan Egan from Hercules Trae Lachtner with Emma Lawson , Gina Garcia and Jade Richman
Reflection Lea Salonga from Mulan Hayley Lovejoy
A Girl Worth Fighting For Harvey Feirstein, Jerry Tondo, Matthew Wilder, James Hong and Lea Salonga from Mulan Luke Hensley with New Directions Boys
Kiss the Girl Samuel E. Wright from The Little Mermaid Paul Prescott and Drew Morgan
Part of Your World Jodi Benson from The Little Mermaid Gina Garcia
Circle of Life Carmen Twillie and Lebo M from The Lion King New Directions (without Luke Hensley)
I 2 I* Tevin Campbell from A Goofy Movie New Directions

(*) indicates that the song was cut from the episode. It is unknown if it will be used in the future.

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