Tasks needed to be completed to update the wiki are listed here:

  • Make sure all Character pages are updated and have completed bios for each episode. For example see: Emma Lawson.
  • Create relationship pages.
  • Make/Update pages for The Warblers and The Unitards.
  • Create a background and eventually a favicon.
  • Eventually create navigation for each of the type of pages. (Last thing to do)
  • Eventually create a customised cursor.
  • Create pages for canon couples, each couple needs minimum two legit interactions romantically/friendly/badly (Gyler, Puan, Garry, Jrew, Sashwin, Sisha etc.)
  • Update the Season One Page.
  • Song pages for LTC, AWNW and DDIB.
  • Update the featured cast on AWNW
  • Create Alison Keeley, Principal Sasha Osbourne, The Unitards, Individual Warblers, Sectionals and Sectionals Judges Pages.
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