Debut: Welcome to the Choir Room
Type: Cheerleading Squad
Head: Coach Sis Sylvester (Coach)

Gauri Daniels (Head Cheerleader)

Institution: William McKinley High School
Awards: National Cheerleading Championship (2009-12)
Status: Active
The Cheerios are the cheerleading squad of William McKinley High School. They are coached by Sis Sylvester, and are one of the most popular clubs in school. The current head cheerleader is Perry, and her co-captain is Gauri. By the time Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight starts, the Cheerios have four consecutive national championships under their belt. The members of the Cheerios are considered the most popular and pretty in the school. Those who don't fit the tight criteria are rejected, harshly.


Ex MembersEdit

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