Diva's Do It Best
Season One, Episode Eight
Diva's Do It Best
First Aired March 17th 2013
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"A Whole New World"

Diva's Do It Best is the eighth episode of Season One of Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. It first aired on March 17th 2013. It is written by Luke&DiannaMagick.


After many physically draining weeks for numerous members of New Directions, the kids are lacking the power and strive to perform well. Kerwin decides that the kids need a lesson on self empowerment and really giving all they've got as individuals, DIVA week. The kids tap into their inner diva's as a full blown competition for the title of the 'top diva' begins. Meanwhile, Juan returns to chasing Perry and there is shocking consequences for the pair. Trae experiences all kinds of emotions as he falls for someone in Glee Club, Skyler finally lets Gina know exactly how he feels and new head cheerleader, Alison Keeley stirs up trouble in the halls of McKinley High.


Principal Sasha was in the Gymnasium with the Cheerios giving them a small talk before practice. Almost all the the girls looked bored out their skull, Hayley had resulted to filing her nails. The girls were sick of waiting, Principal Sasha said he would announce the new head cheerleader by now, and yet here they were, with no head cheerleader. Gauri, as co-captain was expecting to be promoted immediately and had a rather smug look on her face. Principal Sasha continued to talk about the importance of practicing daily if they were going to win their Sectionals competition. Eventually he reached a very important point, which had all the cheerios attention. “Okay and now, girls. I know you have been waiting a long time, but the decision has been made. Your new McKinley High School cheer squad head cheerleader is…” Sasha said with a long pause to create a sense of anticipation. All the girls stared at Sasha, eyes locked, each expecting it to be them. When suddenly a voice was heard from the entrance of the Gymnasium. “Me”. Said the voice. The girls immediately snapped their heads around to see a rather tall girl, with long straight beautiful hair wearing a Cheerios uniform. “Oh hell no.” uttered Gauri, a little too loud as the girl clearly heard. “Oh hell yes, darling. You are looking at your new boss, now shut your little mouth sweetie. I am Alison Keeley, though I am certain you all already know my name”. Alison explained. “More like Alison Whorely” Hayley whispered to Jas who giggled. “I know right, the amount of stories I hear about her giving the football team the time of their lives in the locker rooms is insane” Jas replied.”Principal Sasha! Please tell me this bitch is lying!” Gauri screamed. “Gauri, I do not condone that language. Yes miss Keeley is our new head cheerleader and I expect you to treat her with respect.” Sasha explained. Alison flicked her hair and gave Gauri a smug look. “Yep, now missy how about you sit your ass down and watch how a true professional does things.” Alison explained walking towards the middle of the Gymnasium. “Mutes, I’m gonna need ya’ll to lend a hand.” Alison said to the cheerleaders who had remained silent during the revelation. They walked behind Alison as one pressed a button on a boom box at the back of the Gymnasium, quietly the music of Material Girl began to play as Alison took position. Hayley, Gauri and Jas looked on in disgust. Alison performed the song with graceful to flirtatious moves. Hula hoops and batons were being used as props from the Cheerios at the back. As the song reached the bridge, Alison walked up to Hayley, Gauri and Jas and giggled in their faces as she ran her finger down their faces, asserting dominance. The Cheerios continued to dance sexily until the final part of the song where the Cheerios fell to the floor and Alison sang the final lines by herself as she walked up to Hayley, Gauri and Jas and finished the song by striking a pose and then laughing in their faces. Sasha was enthralled by the performance and was shouting and clapping at the end of the performance, Gauri could not take it anymore and she slapped Alison directly across the face. Followed by a slap straight back from Alison. In a flash Alison and Gauri were on the floor having a catfight, in which Hayley soon joined in as Jas looked on in confusion. Sasha attempted to break the fight up. “MY OFFICE NOW!” he yelled. “That won’t be necessary.” Said a voice through a megaphone, a rather familiar voice. Sasha and the girls turned their head to see a young woman walk into the hall. “Guess who?” the woman said with a smirk on her face. The Cheerios looked horrified. “S..Sis..Miss Sylvester What are you doing here?” asked Sasha. “What am I doing here? I’m here to coach these sloppy babies back to usual form after what on earth you did to them, I am certain your mediocrity has rubbed off on them.” Sis explained. Sasha looked bewildered. “But you quit?” Sasha said. “Then why do I have a contract here with your signature on that says I have been reinstated?” asked Sis. Sasha looked confused, it was the first time he had seen this document. “I…I..didn..” “Hold it there, don’t exhaust yourself. Let’s put it this way, I am back as the coach of the Cheerios and unless you would like a particular photograph released from the recent ‘Teachers Night Out’ where a certain individual has nothing but boxer shorts on, I won’t name names but I think you get the message.” Sis explained. The Cheerios giggled at what Sis was implying. “Ugh…” Sasha said under his breath. “Fine, but one step out of line and I’ll fire you.” Sasha said as he left the auditorium. Once he had gone Sis looked around at the Cheerios and produced a rather evil sounding laugh. “Let’s get started than, shall we?” Sis said. “Oh and Keeley, fantastic job. You are now my apprentice.” Sis explained and Alison stood by the side of Sis and smirked. The Cheerios looked on in horror. “Back to square one.” Gauri said.

DIVA. The single word Kerwin had wrote on the board in the Choir Room. Gradually the New Directions faces all turned to happy grins as they realized what was coming. “Yes you guessed it, its Diva week, and with Diva Week, comes a Diva competition to see who is the biggest diva. Now that’s all fun and games but the reason behind this assignment is for you guys to really value yourselves as individuals, it’s been a hard couple of weeks, and we need to be on top form if we are going to beat the Warblers at Regionals. Self empowerment is an important thing and so I want you guys to really tap into your inner Diva and perform like you’ve never performed before this week. Okay?” Kerwin said. The New Directions all nodded and smiled. “Okay then guys, I wish you the best of luck! The winner will be announced at the end of the week.” Kerwin explained. “Um, Mr Dean, do you mind if we just do a little number in spirit of Diva Week?” asked Jade. “Sure Jade, knock yourself out.” Kerwin replied. “Ready girls?” Jade asked as Hayley, Sarah and Naomi walked up to the centre of the choir room with Jade. Jade gave the band a quick nod and the tune to Lady Marmalade began to play. “This is just a little number to show what Diva’s can be like and also as a practice number ready for Moulin Rouge auditions next week.” Jade explained. Sarah started the song off, “Where’s all mah soul sistas, lemme hear ya’ll flow sistas” It became evident that Sarah was playing Lil’ Kim, Naomi; Mya, Hayley; P!nk and Jade; Christina. The four strutted their stuff and danced sexily around the choir room, Luke looked extremely impressed by the performance and was smiling throughout. As Jade belted the high note everyone was blown away, the girls really went for it and it became vocal battle. To see who could shine the most, all the girls looked beautiful and really sold themselves. As the performance came to a close the lights dimmed and the girls finished in sexy poses. New Directions and Kerwin erupted into cheering and the girls felt rather proud of themselves. “AMAZING!  WHAT A WAY TO START DIVA WEEK!” Kerwin yelled as the girls took their seats. All of a sudden, Hayley let out an angry moan when she spotted Alison Keeley standing in the doorway to the choir room. “I swear to god this bitch is following me.” Hayley said. “Um, can I help you?” Kerwin asked. “The question is, can I help YOU. I’m joining Glee Club, no questions.” Alison said. “Um, no! You have to audition!” Emma yelled. “Emma’s right…Alison, is it? You have to audition to be in Glee Club.” Kerwin explained. “It’s not a case that I want to join, it’s just that you need me. I’m not gonna audition, at my old school I won every single singing competition there was, not to mention I got to Judges Houses last year on X Factor. Britney loved me.” Alison explained. “That’s where I know you from!” Luke said. “Well, of course.” Alison said smugly. “Um, well I guess then welcome to Glee Club! But try and tone down the attitude, okay?” Kerwin said. “Noted.” She swiftly replied and took her seat. “Are you KIDDING me?!” Hayley said. “Hayley calm down please.” Kerwin asked. “NO! I won’t! We just talked about being a Diva and well here I am. I’m sorry but I’m not gonna let little miss slut here take my spotlight, not twice in a row!” Alison smirked at Hayleys remark. “I’ll be back, and I’ll crush you in the Diva Off.” Hayley said to Alison with hate in her eyes. “Oh and Gauri will be there too, just so you know.” Hayley added on. “But she got kicked out?” Gina pointed out. “Well, considering we are letting anybody in these days, I’m sure Mr. Dean won’t mind her returning,” Hayley said sarcastically. Kerwin sighed as Hayley stormed out the Choir Room to find Gauri. The bell rang and Kerwin dismissed the club. “Don’t forget to prepare your numbers!” Kerwin yelled as a reminder and said to himself. “What a week this is going to be.”

Trae was at his locker getting his chemistry book whilst casually singing the tune to Rihanna’s  ‘Te Amo’ quietly. As Trae closed his locker he saw Gareth in front of him. Trae jumped. “Ohmygod Gareth! You scared me!” Trae said surprised. Gareth laughed. “Did anyone ever tell you, I LOVE your voice?” Gareth said with a smile on his face. “Wait, what? You heard that?! Oh god!” Trae said embarrassed. “Thank you but I’m nothing special it was rather bland.” Trae said trying to smooth the conversation over. “No, it wasn’t bland. It was sexy.” Gareth said flirtatiously. Trae was in a state of shock. What on earth just happened? Did Gareth just try and flirt with him? He was so confused and had no idea what to say. “Aww, thanks hon.” Trae said trying to keep his cool. “I just want you to know, that I am forever grateful for what you did for me with that whole Andy thing. I’ve never had a friend like that before.” Gareth explained as he touched Trae’s arm. Trae discreetly looked down at Gareth’s hand and a slight smile formed on his face. He looked back at Gareth and said “It’s not a problem, it’s what friends are for.” Gareth laughed again, “Haha, yeah you’re right, I guess. Look I was just wondering, do you want to like go and grab something to eat tonight at BreadstiX?” Gareth asked. Trae was now speechless, what was this? Was Gareth asking him out? Was Trae taking it the wrong way? Did Gareth mean just a friends? So many questions and such little time to answer. “Um, I might be busy, can I get back to you later today?” Trae said nervously. “Sure, no problem dude.” Gareth said as he patted Trae’s arm and walked away. Trae sighed, now what was he to do? He had a lot of thinking ahead of him. Trae knew he liked Gareth, I mean he even sang that Disney song about him, but he never thought of the possibility that Gareth may like him BACK. Trae wasn’t sure how to react to any of this, he needed some assistance. He needed his girls.

Gina was sitting in the choir room by herself with her phone in her hands, she re-read Skylers text asking her to be in said place where they can talk. Eventually Skyler arrived and sat down on a chair facing Gina, he sat with his legs over the chair and held the back of it with his hands. He looked Gina in the eyes and smiled. “Do you think I love you?” Skyler asked. “What kind of question is that?!” Gina asked confused. “An honest one, I mean after last week. I’m not quite sure where you think I stand in this relationship.” Skyler replied. Gina sighed and looked down. “I guess, I get worried. Worried that you will leave me for Drew. I mean he still has that huge crush on you and sang that song to you. I guess I convinced myself that it’s only a matter of time before you cave in and end up dating him.” Gina explained. “Gina, look at me.” Skyler said lifting Gina’s head up. “I love you, not Drew, not anyone else. Just you. I just wish you could see that. Gina I’m not gay, I promise you. I only have eyes for you, and it hurts me to know you don’t trust me. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m tired of running around in circles. Me and Drew are just friends and I guess until you can realize that, then maybe we shouldn’t be together. I don’t want that to happen, but I can’t continue like this Gina.” Skyler explained, tears now running down his cheek. “Skyler..I’m..I’m sorry.” Gina said struggling for words. Skyler got up and planted a kiss on Gina’s forehead. “Just think about it okay?” Skyler said as he left the choir room. Leaving Gina alone to her thoughts.

Perry lay on her bed, it had been many weeks since she had been kicked off the cheerios and quit glee club. Even since then things had only gotten worse. A flashback occurs of Perry walking home from school alone with Alison Keeley and her crew mocking Perry calling her a loser and throwing things at her. The scene changes back and Perry is sighing. Nobody accepts her anymore, she feels like she doesn’t have anyone. She has even been arguing with her parents more about her grades, which have taken a hit ever since the troubles started. Perry really hated her life at the moment, she felt like she had nothing. Well, there was one loose thread she still had. She flicked through her phones text messages and selected Juan, in the message window were countless texts from Juan all telling Perry to come back to him, that he loves her and is using Hayley. They were becoming more and more frequent and Perry was starting to really lose control. She just wanted him to leave her alone, but he wouldn’t. She tilted to the side as she looked at her abandoned Cheerios uniform. She reminisced about the days when she was considered popular. What happened? She started to think it was her fault. Perhaps all these bad things that happened to her, are because of herself? How she acts, what goes around comes around, right? Tears started to roll down Perry’s cheek as she convinced herself all of this was from her own doing. She began breathing heavily as the tears flowed faster. She stared directly at the ceiling and began to sing. The song was Hurt by Christina Aguilera. She sang about her past friends and Juan. How she wishes she could turn back time and prevent the way in which she acted before. She got up and walked to the window. Rain batted the windowpane as Perry stared out into the dark sky, tears continued to roll down her face, flashbacks occurred of Perry and her friends in the times when she was popular, the Cheerios performances, even the fun times in Glee Club, she had actually grown to like some people in the club. She thought of Luke and how badly she treated him. The scene switched back and Perry fell to her knees as she sang the bridge, she looked in her old photo albums as tears rebounded of the plastic covering. As the song came to an end, Perry rolled up into bed and sang the last few lines. Suddenly a bellowing voice was heard from downstairs. “SHUT THE HELL UP SINGING!” It was Perry’s father. Perry sighed as she fumbled with her phone and selected Juan’s number. The phone began to ring and Juan answered. “Hey babe.” Juan said “I’m sorry.” Perry replied.

Trae sat in the library with Jade and Emma. Gina was absent for reasons unknown to the others and so the three discussed Trae’s situation without her. “Wait so let me get this straight, he asked you out tonight? And you said you might be busy?!” Jade repeated. “ARE YOU CRAZY?! We both know that is a lie Trae!” Emma said laughing. “He is so into you! And we all know you are into him, so what is there to worry about?” Jade asked. “Its…Its…Okay here’s what it is. I know that I am fabulous and would love a boyfriend. But, what if I am not good enough for him? I mean he would be my first boyfriend, what if I’m too much for him? If I get clingy, what if it all goes wrong and I mess up? I want to be with him because yes I have a huge crush on him, but I don’t because it will take one little mistake to ruin our friendship. I can’t let that happen, I care about him too much. And I guess, in all honesty, I know Gareth has been around other guys, what if I don’t live up to standards? He was also hurt by Andy, I don’t want to pressure him or scare him off or anything. I want to be strong and say yes, but there are too many what ifs.” Trae explained. “Trae, you really are adorable. You know that?” Emma said. “Look, I know it’s scary. But all relationships are, that’s part of the test. The strongest ones past the test. Because they truly care for each other. If two people love each other as much as you two do, then of course they will be fine and have a healthy relationship.” Jade said smiling. “Clearly me and Luke didn’t pass the test, but it doesn’t mean you and Gareth can’t.” Emma said. Jade elbowed her and Emma replied with a quick “ouch!” “What she’s trying to say is Trae, it’s not the same for everybody. This could be your time to be happy. Just take a chance.” Jade said. A tear of joy rolled down Trae’s face. “Why are you crying?” Emma asked concerned. “It’s just I love you guys so much. Thank you.” Trae said “We love you too” Emma and Jade said as the three had a group hug.

Trae sat on a stool in the middle of the choir room as the band began to play. Russian Roulette began to play as Trae sang about his fears of being in a relationship and how he feels about Gareth. Gareth looked on, he had an inkling that this was about him. He was determined to prove to Trae how much he wants him. The scene starts to interlock with Gareth sitting in the same stool whilst Trae is sitting in Gareth’s chair and Gareth sings Halo, Trae watches on contemplating what to do. He realizes Gareth cares for him, but is he ready? Despite this, Trae cannot help a smile form across his face when Gareth catches his eye. The two songs mashup as they continue and both boys blow their audience away, putting such emotion and feelings into the songs. As they come to the end of the songs, it is evident that both have been very touched by the songs. Kerwin asked both times “What inspired you to sing that song?” “Just a number for DIVA week.” Both replied at their respective times. Gareth and Trae both laughed as everyone cheered.

Later on Trae and Gareth were alone in the choir room and Gareth approached Trae. “So do you have an answer?” Gareth asked.  Trae was prepared, this was it make or break. “Sure, I’ll go.” Trae said happily. “That’s great!” Gareth replied giving Trae a quick hug. “I’ll see you at about 6?” Gareth said. “Sure!” Trae said as Gareth left the choir room. Trae blushed at the hug and felt rather warm inside, though the fear that he may mess up was still there. He was going to do his best to make this a perfect date though. But for now, he had to focus on one thing. Killing Diva week, and that starts with storming the competition tomorrow. The Rebelicious Diva is back.

Skyler sat at the drums in the choir room ready to give his performance; he looked Gina in the eye to make her understand this was directed at her. Though he told Kerwin and the rest of the Glee Club that this was just his number for Diva week. Believe begins as Skyler rocks out, unleashing his feelings on his current situation with Gina. It is evident he means every word and it really strikes a chord with Gina. The New Directions all are dancing around and having fun with this number, everyone is completely oblivious to the fact it is directed to Gina. Skyler really goes for it and hits all the notes and eventually brings the song to a close as he stares directly at Gina and speaks, “Do you believe in life after love?” Everyone cheers for Skyler and Gina looks down in deep thought. Skyler takes his seat rather far away from Gina. Suddenly Juan and Perry, who was now dressed in black clothing walked into the Choir Room slowly and walked up to Kerwin. “Hi Mr Dean, do you mind if we join again?” asked Juan. “We’re sorry for leaving, we were being silly. In all honesty we just miss performing.”explained Juan. “Isn’t that right, Perry?” Juan nudged Perry. Perry grumbled. “Yes, Yes.” She said. “Of course, it’s a pleasure to have you back, you were missed a lot.” Kerwin said. The pair sat down and Luke turned to Drew. “Somethings not right with Perry, she’s acting even more different than usual.” He said. “Why do you care? She treated you like crap.” Drew replied. “I still care for her, and I hate seeing her like this, I want to help.” Luke explained. “And how do you plan on doing that?” Drew asked. “Me and you are gonna sing a song to her tomorrow.” Said Luke. “Oh, joy.” Drew replied.

Skyler was standing in the auditorium awaiting Gina after he had received a text from her telling him to meet her there. Skyler wandered round the stage, wondering what Gina had in store. Suddenly the lights in the auditorium dimmed and the back lighting lit up in a flash. Skyler read the back drop it said, I LOVE YOU SKYLER PARKS. In illuminated letters. Skyler laughed as Gina came out from backstage and walked towards him. “You are crazy, you know that?” Skyler said. “Yes, crazy about you. I was wrong, I should have trusted you. I should have been a better girlfriend. The truth is my life was terrible until you came into it and ever since you have made me a better person. I cannot thank you enough. I love you Skyler Parks, more than anything. I want to spend as much time with you as possible and never want to let you go. I’m sorry for everything, but I don’t want to lose you. You’re my boyfriend and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Scratch that, I WOULDN’T ask for anyone better. I apologized to Drew and now here I am putting my heart on the line. What do you say, one last chance?” Gina asked, tears filling in her eyes. Skyler smiled and laughed, “Come here you!” he said as he picked Gina up and the two gently kissed on the auditorium stage. “I love you.” Gina said. “I never stopped loving you.” Skyler replied. An instrumental of Just a Kiss is heard in the background as the auditorium lights shut down.

Luke walked down the hallways to his locker when he spotted Perry alone at her locker. He took the opportunity to run up and speak to her whilst Juan wasn’t around. “Perry! Hi, I just wanted to speak to you.” Luke said. “Oh, what is it?” Perry said glumly. Luke sighed. “Perry what is going on with you? The tone of voice, the clothes, getting back together with Juan. Please talk to me, what’s wrong?” Luke asked concerned. “Nothing is wrong with me, this is who I am now. I realized that all the world does is throw shit at you and you will go around blaming others when really it is all down to you. I did this to myself, I deserve this. Juan is the only thing left in my life and I couldn’t lose him. So here I am. This is me. Nothing special anymore.” Perry explained. “Perry…” Luke said deeply upset about what she had just said. “Perry, you can’t be like this. I care about you and I want you to be your old self. So just be in Glee club later on today okay? I have a gift for you.” Luke said. “Yeah sure, whatever.” Perry replied as Luke walked off. Little did either of them know that Juan was watching the entire conversation from around the corner. Luke walked towards his locker and opened it up. All of a sudden something dropped out his locker, a small packet with a strange substance inside. Luke quickly picked up the packet and examined the substance inside. It suddenly hit him, these were drugs. How on earth did they get into his locker?! He most certainly doesn’t take drugs and didn’t put them there and nobody knows the combination to his locker, so how was this possible. He looked around in his locker and found a small note. It read: ‘Watch your back’ Luke was very confused. He kept hold of the note and closed his locker up, he put the drugs in his pocket, he was going to burn them later on in the day. He looked around at the students at the hallways. Who would do such a thing? And more importantly why? He continued to look confused when the music of Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT started to play.

The scene changes to the New Directions on the auditorium staged, each dressed as different iconic Diva’s as they performed Respect, Trae was Elton John, Jade was Cher, Emma was Madonna, Alison was Beyonce, Hayley was Christina Aguilera and Gauri was Mariah Carey. The group of Diva’s all strutted their stuff across the auditorium stage, snapping their fingers and getting into each others faces. Each trying to out do one another. Alison, Gauri and Hayley circled each other with hate in their eyes. The performance was very powerful and everyone really showed off their true diva’s. They all shone as individuals. As the performance drew to a close Alison and Gauri began to get quite aggressive but everyone believed it was part of the performance. The performance ended and everyone had fell to the floor with their one arm and hand grabbing the air above. Kerwin and the rest of the New Directions roared with applause and the Diva’s took a bow. Kerwin walked onto the stage to announce the winner. “Okay and so, the winner of the 2013 Diva off competition is…” Everyone waited anticipating the result. “Miss Hayley Lovejoy!” Hayley was so shocked and Alison rolled her eyes as Hayley went to collect her prize, a small trophy. She curtsied as the rest of the Diva’s looked on in envy. Hayley glared at Alison and was sure to rub it in her face. She high fived Gauri and they both snapped their fingers at Alison. “This isn’t over rats.” Alison said as Hayley and Gauri laughed. “Welcome back to the club.” Hayley said to Gauri as everyone regrouped after a long week.

Luke and Drew were sitting on stools in the Choir Room as Hero began to play. “This ones for Perry, I know you’ve had a hard couple of weeks. I just want you to know that we are all here.” Luke said. Perry formed a faint smile and Juan rolled his eyes. Luke sang the first verse as he looked at Perry with caring eyes. The New Directions harmonized as Perry had her head down. Drew sang the next verse, but seemed to dedicate the song to everyone, the two stood up form the stools and walked around the choir room. Putting their arms around everyone and hugging them. As the bridge drew closer, Luke kneeled infront of Perry and sang to her. She looked up and began to smile. Everyone was swaying from side to side and Perry couldn’t help but enjoy the performance. As the performance came to an end. Luke and Drew sang the final line infront of everyone and directed their fingers across the choir room, pointing at everyone, to let them know that they are all heroes. Perry walked up to Luke, “Thank you. For everything. Especially after the way I treated you. I’m so sorry, I can’t thank you enough.” “Hey, it’s what friends are for. Don’t sweat it, now tomorrow we will go to Coach Sis and get you back on the Cheerios!” Luke said “No thanks, I think I’ll just be Perry from now on, not cheerleader Perry.” Perry replied. “Fine by me, as long as you’re my friend.” Luke said. “Of course.” Perry replied as the two shared a hug. “Look after yourself now okay?” Luke said. “I promise.” Replied Perry. Everyone clapped except Juan who looked on in envy.

Trae and Gareth were just leaving the restaurant after their date and both were walking home. “So, how did you find it?” Gareth asked. “A perfect night. I’m glad I could spend it with you. I won’t lie at first I was scared, but then I realized there was no need to be. I was being silly.” Trae replied. “Good to hear, though I think I may know one way which could make this night truly perfect. Gareth said. “Oh, and what would that be, hon?” Trae asked. “This.” Gareth said as he gently placed his hands on Trae’s face and gave him a sweet kiss under the starry night. The kiss lasted for a few seconds and afterwards Trae was all flustered. “Gareth…I.”  he was lost for words. “I like you, okay. I said it. What were you going to say?” Gareth asked. “Oh nothing, I like you too, a lot. I was worried I might ruin our friendship but I know we are stronger than that. I just want you to know that no matter how miserable or bitter I may seem, never take it negatively okay? I am a very reserved person with my feelings, but I do care a lot. I love you Gareth and I want to be with you. I’m just scared you might leave me after I open up to you.” Trae explains. “Don’t be silly, I love you too. After all you did for me, I’d be a fool to judge you on how you love. I love you Trae Lachtner. And I guess what I’m asking is, will you be my boyfriend?” asks Gareth. “Oh my, Gareth. Of course.” Trae said smiling as the two passionately kissed one another.

Perry was sitting on the couch in Juan’s house. Playing with her nails, Juan’s parents were out of town for the week and Juan had invited Perry around. Everyone seemed calm until Juan returned from the kitchen. “So, when were you going to tell me you had something going on with Luke?” asked Juan angrily. “Excuse me? There is nothing going on between us, we are just friends.” Perry explained. “Don’t bullshit me, woman. I saw you being all lovey dovey by the lockers. But no worries I sorted him out, he has a nice shiner to show to everyone.” Juan laughed. “YOU HIT HIM AND GAVE HIM A BLACK EYE?!” Perry yelled. “YOU ARE SICK, HE DID NOTHING!” “That’s what he said. I guess you are both lying bastards.” Juan said. As he walked closer to Perry. “Now tell me the truth, what is going on between you two?” Juan pushed Perry up the wall and slammed his hands on the spaces of the wall between her. He towered over her. Perry gulped. “Sorry, it was a mistake it won’t happen again. I promise. It was all my fault.” Perry said shaking. “Good, I don’t expect it to either.” Juan said as he left the room. Perry sank down onto the floor tears flowing down her face as she began to sing Love the Way You Lie (Part II) she sang about her dark relationship with Juan, his controlling nature and how he treated her. How she blames herself and in a way she likes it. Juan performs the rap whilst cooking in the kitchen. Eventually the song enters a dream sequence where Juan and Perry stand in a completely dark room and a single spotlight shines on the one singing. They both let out their feelings and the song ends with a scene change to Juan’s bed, where Perry is resting with Juan on the other side. She looks at her phone, she was going to text Luke and ask him for help. But she remembered this is all her fault, she has to deal with this. She doesn’t want Luke getting hurt anymore. So she will just have to take it. A tear rolled down her cheek. Juan began to kiss Perry and things became rather intimate, though Perry felt nothing. Afterwards she lay there, almost lifeless. A single tear rolled down her cheek as the music to My Kind of Love began to play.

Trae leads the final number of the week, it is clear the music from before was Trae singing My Kind of Love. The New Directions are standing in the auditorium, all dressed in white. In some cases Kerwin’s assignment had been very successful though nobody knew the horrors that Perry was going through. Throughout the performance looks are shared between the New Directions, some of confusion and worry over Luke’s eye. Some between Gina and Skyler as they danced romantically and kissed. Gareth and Trae took each others hands and sang about their relationship and how this was Trae’s ‘kind of love’ The New Directions put their arms around one another and celebrate, Hayleys win, the new relationships, and looking forward to Regionals. Glares are shot at times between Hayley, Gauri and Alison. The scene becomes a montage of Perry walking down the halls with Juan miserable and at home crying whilst washes his dishes up. She looks up at the sky and prays for a better life, one where she and her friends don’t have to worry about anything. One where she can be happy. As the song comes to a close, Trae walks to the very edge of the auditorium and sings the final note. The New Directions all bow their heads and the lights dim down.

“That’s when you feel, my kind of love.” Trae sings. Kerwin claps and cheers the club whilst Perry writes in her diary, looking over her shoulder at Juan every now and again. A single tear wets a page of the diary as the corner of the page curls up slightly.


Song Title Original Artist/s Performer(s)
Material Girl Madonna Alison Keeley with the Cheerios
Lady Marmalade Labelle (Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Lil' Kim and Mya version) New Directions Girls
Hurt Christina Aguilera Perry Scott
Russian Roulette/Halo


Trae Lachtner and Gareth Adams
Believe Cher Skyler Parks
Respect Aretha Franklin Trae Lachtner, Jade Richman, Emma LawsonAlison Keeley, Hayley Lovejoy and Gauri Daniels
Hero Mariah Carey Luke Hensley and Drew Morgan
Love the Way You Lie (Part II) Rihanna ft. Eminem Perry Scott and Juan Bainbridge
My Kind of Love

Emeli Sandé

Trae Lachtner with New Directions

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