Season One, Episode Ten
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"The Winner Takes It All"
Dreamers, is the tenth episode of Season One of Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. It is written by IiLoveKlaine.


The kids are thinking about life after school, and for some students, finding their dreams isn't easy. Whilst thinking about the future, new friendships are formed and relationships are quickly revisited. Will these kids manage to focus on the importanance of their dreams before it's too late? Or will more drama cause everyone to reach to a breaking point?


The last few weeks of High School has been hell, not just for one person but for everyone. No matter what he or she does, the drama would simply follow them. Even if one isn’t involved, there are ways in which one can be part of it, and that’s how it works  at Mckinley High. As students focus on Senior Year, there is bound to be stress attack everywhere. Trying to deal with issues with their friends, and trying to prepare for the future and study for exams.

Glee Club hasn’t been easy either, friends leaving the group, new people joining, which means more work and more pressure. It hasn’t been easy for a lot of the students, Drew and Skyler have been on the edge when it comes to their relationship, and Luke clearly missing Emma. Hayley having to try and find her dreams, and Perry, who has been struggling in her relationship with Juan. Not only has she betrayed most of her friends recently, but she has betrayed herself.

Not that anyone cared or anything about her, because they’re too busy with their so called Glee Club. In all honesty, she regrets even joining that club, because ever since then it has been nothing but hell for her. And who gives a crap about her? Absolutely no one.

So with all this drama, here and there, and trying to figure out what’s most important, it’s either too much for some and not enough for others.

As it is Monday, a new week have arrived, thankfully. Who knows what might happen this week, it could end really well and have everyone decorated in rainbows and butterflies, or it could end in horribly and dark thunder clouds surrounding everyone. It’s just a risk that everyone in the Glee Club has got to take, no matter how bad the past has been for them.

Everyone is all seated in the Choir Room, Hayley was sitting next to Luke and Drew, Emma on the end at the back, next to Jade, Gina in the middle, and everyone else scattered. It was silent and only a few people were muttering to each other discussing their weekend and what they did. Emma told Jade that she was preparing for her latest test exam which was going on this week, While Jade said that she spent the weekend with her parents watching old movies to her dismay.

Drew have been catching up with Skyler, chilling out together at each other houses, while Luke, has been missing Emma, just staring at his window and waiting for her. Luke knows how much of a fool he was last week to her, in fact he was a complete jerk, and wishes that he can take things back, but he can’t. Sure, Emma and Luke are fine now, but they aren’t talking as much as they use to. He barely even remembers the last time they had a full on conversation without discussing the weather or what’s on TV that night.

Luke sighed, and turned his head around slowly to gaze at Emma, admiring how beautiful she was. Though before he could even get another glimpse of her, Kerwin walked in on time, and sat himself down near the piano to which Luke quickly turned around.

“Hello everyone! How are we all?” Kerwin asked the Glee Club.

Everyone all shrugged their shoulders, and spoke very softly. “Fine”

Kerwin could not hear anything they have said, and so he asked again.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

Everyone looked at each other and sighed. “Fine!” They said, agitated. Kerwin could tell that something is not right, everyone seemed quite miserable. Except for, Sarah, Lena and Naomi, who were sitting up straight and tall ready for today’s Glee Club Lesson.

Kerwin took out his whiteboard marker, and began writing some letters on the board.


Everyone’s eyes widen in confusion as he turned around and showed everyone the whiteboard.

“Everyone here is a dreamer. So I’d like to know, what is YOUR dream? What is it that you aspire to be when you finish high school?” Kerwin asked the class.

Hayley quietly sat back and hid behind the others, slowly moving down her chair so that she would not have to say anything.

Luke happily raised his arm and said “Broadway singer in New York! Living the dream and making it big and famous.”

Kerwin clapped his hands, and smiled “Such a goal you have there Luke.”

“Thank you. Ever since I can remember it’s all I wanted to be.” Luke said proudly.

“Anyone else?” Kerwin asked.

But no one else was game enough to stand up and announce their dreams. It was either they were too shy or like  Hayley, doesn’t know her dreams yet.

Jade raised her hand and stood up, “I’d like to be a popstar. Having my own record deal, being able to sell my singles and albums and gaining a profit while loving every single minute of what I do to make others happy.”

Kerwin smiled, he was so proud of what Luke and Jade’s dreams are that he couldn’t wait to help them achieve their goals. “Excellent Jade, that’s a really great dream there, and I am sure with your attitude and your determination you’ll have it in no time.”

“Thank You, Sir!” Jade said, looking at the others as she sat herself down.

“Anymore? Come on guys, surely more than two people have dreams. I know I do.” Kerwin admitted to the class.

“You do?” asked Naomi, shocked.

“Yes.” He confirmed.

“What is it?” Drew asked, waiting for Kerwin to answer.

“Well,before I was a teacher at Mckinley I had my whole life planned out as though that’s exactly where I wanted to be, living in L.A performing shows and eventually getting my own live tour. I was visiting L.A at the time when I discovered my dream, but when my visiting days are over, I was offered a teaching Job at this school to teach students about music and performing arts.”

Kerwin paused, to look at everyone’s reactions. They all seemed quite indulged with what he was saying and some even looked concerned. “Anyways, I knew that I had to get some kind of job so I can pay for rent and bills and such and well, this is where I am now. It’s not exactly what I had in mind, but I am quite happy that I get to teach all of you guys the importance and the skill to perform and get to your goals that you guys have in life. Maybe one day I will somehow achieve my own goals, but for now, what I want, is for everyone in this Glee Club to be happy and achieve their dreams.”

Kerwin sat down at the Piano and flicked through some music sheets. “That was deep.” Naomi whispered to Sarah.'

Sarah nodded her head in agreement.

Hayley sighed, and slowly sat back up hoping that he was finish with the whole dream thing. She felt sorry for the guy, but she couldn’t do much since she barely even knows what she wants to do with her life.

“So guys, this weeks task is to go out and explore your dreams widen the variety and give yourself the opportunity you guys deserve. Once you’re done, come back here and express it through song.” Kerwin said, packing away all his music sheets.

As the bell rang for the next class, the students from Glee Club all walked out of the room, heading towards their locker.

“Well this task sucks.” Drew mumbled to Skyler.

“Personally, I kinda like it.” Paul admitted quietly. “It gives us ideas of what other people dream of and also get to know them better.”

Drew shrugged his shoulder and took some books out of his locker.

On the other side of the Hallway, Hayley, Emma and Jade are all standing in front of each other’s discussing today’s Glee Club lesson.

“So what do you guys think?” Jade asked Emma and Hayley.

Hayley looked concerned, but pretended she didn’t hear Jade.

“It’s alright I guess. Not exactly what I’m going to sing, but I’ll figure it out.” Emma said positively.

Jade nodded in agreement then turned to Hayley.

“What about you, girl?”

Hayley looked up at Jade and half smiled “Uh what?”

“You’re quiet today. What’s up with you?” Emma asked worried.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Hayley said, as she quickly shoved her books in her locker . She left in a hurry and headed down the hall to Cheerios practice.

As Hayley was hurrying along the hallway, she bumped into Juan who was busy texting.

“Watch where you’re going!” He shouted angrily, obviously not realising who he was talking to.

“Excuse me?” Hayley said, looking up and noticing who it was.

“Oh Hayley! Uh, sorry I didn’t see you.”

Hayley rolled her eyes, it’s been almost an entire week since she had spoken to Juan, he hasn’t been responding to her texts or her calls. It’s clear that he has been avoiding her, but why?

She sighed and shrugged her shoulders, and began walking away, Juan quickly turned around and took her by the hand. “Hayley wait!”

“What?” Hayley snapped at him.

“Do you want to have, dinner tonight, with me?”  Juan asked Hayley.

Hayley folded her arms, and thought about it. After not responding to his messages, she wasn’t entirely sure if she should say yes. Ever since last Wednesday all Juan have been saying in their text is either “Got to go babe, busy.” or “Sorry, can’t talk, busy.” So why now is he talking to her? Why now is he actually taking her out for dinner? So many questions that aren’t even answered.

“I don’t know Juan. Can I think about it?” Hayley asked sadly. Looking at picture of herself and Juan in her notebook.

“Sure. Text me okay?” Juan said  as he saw her looking at a picture, he then, ran off, heading down the other end of the corridor.

Hayley turned around and saw that Juan was talking to Perry. She couldn’t exactly be sure but from where she was standing, it looked like it. Why was he even talking to her. They broke up ages ago. With a shrug of her shoulders and a flick of her hair she turned around and continued walking to Cheerios Practice.

Meanwhile, back at Drew’s locker, Luke showed up with all his books.

“Hey Luke.” Drew, Skyler and Paul said all at once.

Luke waved as he saw Gina heading towards them. “Oh look it’s Gina!” He said happily.

Gina waved back, at a distance, and walked up to them. “Hey boys.” she said hugging Drew and Skyler.

“How are you all?” Gina asked, looking at Skyler and Drew. She was happy for them. They’re talking, and that’s the main thing.

“Fine” Skyler and Drew said.

They both laughed at the coincidence when they said that, and shyly looked away from each other.

Gina rolled her eyes. “Have you guys seriously not talked about that thing since you mentioned it last week?!”

Luke was confused, and barely knew what Gina was on about, he turned around and started walking away, leaving Gina, and Drew, Skyler and Paul alone.

“No....” Skyler said, quietly.

“Listen if you two don’t get your act together, and don’t actually admit your true feelings about each other, the whole school is going to think you’re actually dating!” Gina said with her hands on her hips angrily.

Paul stood there awkwardly, he wasn’t exactly sure what to do, and as he was about to leave to go to his next class, Gina took him by the arm and pulled him back. “You stay put.” she said. “You’re part of this.”

“I am?” Paul asked.

“Yes.” Gina confirmed.

“How?” Skyler and Drew said tother.

“Ugh! You boys seriously have no clue do you.” Gina said, rolling her eyes and getting more frustrated than ever.

“Start talking. Skyler and Drew I know you two have something both to say so just say it.” Gina said, trying to encourage one of them to speak their mind.

“I am sorry Skyler. For everything.” Drew said looking down at his shoes sadly.

“Look Drew.” Skyler began. “Whatever happens between you and Paul I am happy for you. Don’t feel like you have to apologise all the time to me, because that was last week and this is now. You’re one of my best friends, and I know things have been kind of awkward between us, but I don’t want that ruin what friendship we have.”

Drew looked up, and sighed, “I know, me either. I just feel terrible after what happened, and I wish there was something I could do to take everything back.” '

“Well you can’t.” Skyler replied. “But friendship lasts forever, and if you’ll let me, I’d like to still be friends with you. I know that nothing will ever happen between us, since I’m straight, so please don’t wait around for me hoping things will change, because it won’t. I’m really sorry, Drew. But just know that you and I will still be great friends, if you still want it to.”

Drew thought for a moment and looked at Paul who was barely paying attention. “Yes. I would loved that.”

“Now hug it out.” Gina said smiling, so proud of her boys.

Skyler and Drew both hugged each other, and tapped Paul on the shoulder. “I’m sorry for everything that’s been happening Paul. I really didn’t mean you to be in this love triangle.” Drew said, half smiling.

Paul turned around, “Oh it’s okay.. So are we okay then? I mean, are we dating or?”

Drew thought about it for a moment, and nodded his head, “Maybe... I guess... Sort of?”

Paul cocked his head to the side, and glanced at Gina, not knowing what to make of Drew's statement.

“My work is done.” Gina said, leaving her boys alone and walking off proudly.

Back at Cheerios Practice, Hayley sat  alone waiting for Sis to arrive . As she was waiting and she looked down at her notebook to which she had a picture of herself and Juan hugging another one looking as though they are a couple, she sees Perry and Juan enter and walking towards the bleachers. They seem to be having a very intense conversation,  just like they were having earlier back at the hallways, half an hour ago.

Hayley couldn’t exactly hear what was said, but it looked as though they were discussing something important. She could hear her name mentioned once, and was confused.

Then, while watching the two, she saw Perry and Juan hug and kiss. Hayley was shocked! It’s now clear to her as to why Juan has been avoiding her recently. She couldn’t take it anymore and even though she needs to wait for Sue and the rest of the others, she just couldn’t, so she ran as fast as she could not looking back.

Perry looked over the shoulder of Juan and noticed Hayley was running away. She sensed that Hayley had seen them, and was very annoyed.

“Now look what you did, you idiot!” Perry shouted.

“What did you call me?” Juan questioned.

“Nothing. I’m sorry.” Perry said, regretting what she called Juan.

Juan turned around and saw Hayley was running out of the Gym.

Juan knew at that moment he had lead Hayley on, hence the pictures and the crying. Surely she should have known by now that he liked Perry. How naive can she be? Just then, Sis and the Cheerios entered and Sis played the music on the boom box. Oops I did It Again/I Don’t Want To Know started playing, and Juan sang his parts in the Gym with Perry and the Cheerios, even though Perry wasn’t part of the Cheerios, she joined in as a back up dancer and watched as Hayley ran as fast as she could, still dancing as though he was helping the Cheerios practice or something.

Hayley ran as fast as she could with tears down her cheeks, as she ran she sang her part of the mashup, she couldn’t bare to look back at the Gym, so she just kept on running, as Juan sang his part with the Cheerios.

Towards the end of the song Hayley had bumped into Luke who was admiring the pictures of Emma at his locker, missing her and wondering what would happen if they were back together.

“Oh Sorry” Hayley said wiping away her tear. Luke fell to the ground, and looked up and saw Hayley crying.

“Are you okay?” He asked her.

Hayley nodded, and ran off as fast as she could, trying to find somewhere she can disappear for a while.

Luke sighed and sat on the floor for a while, just thinking about Emma and watching her as Emma had just walked past him with Jade, Luke then started to sing Nothing. Thinking about Emma and what Kerwin had said earlier that day.

From the floor, he stood up and started to walk down the hallways, and headed out the door of the school, when it began to rain. He didn’t care if he was getting wet, all he cared about was Emma, as he had missed her too much, just being with him and holding her.

But Luke knows that nothing would convince her he had changed from last week.

Luke passed the football field watching the football players, playing their game. He then walked up to the bleachers and danced on the chairs. Rain drops were dripping onto his face while he was singing, he was singing with passion and his heart. All he could concentrate was one thing and that was Emma.

Towards the end of the song, he walked back into the school, and walked passed Emma who was in class writing her notes down, so  he took out his phone he began dialing her number, he waited to see if she will answer, but to his dismay she hang up on him. Luke then walked back to his locker and opened it up to see all the pictures of her and himself together as how they were when they were dating.

Just then, Perry and Juan were walking together passing by Luke, he overheard Juan calling Perry mean names, and could tell that Perry upset by it, as she looked like she had just finish crying. So, he decided to walk up to them, and tap Perry on the shoulder.

“Perry, are you okay?” He asked, concerned.

Perry sniffled, and wiped away a tear from her eye. “I’m fine!” she said looking at Juan.

“No you aren’t Perry. I can tell something’s up.” Luke said, staring at Juan.

“Why do people always look at me for!” Juan said angrily.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe you’re always the one making people cry?” Luke replied sarcastically, knowing the love affair between Hayley and Juan.

Juan growled and shoved Luke towards the lockers.

“Listen here, Hensley. I don’t make people cry. They are just cry babies.”

Luke rolled his eyes at the comment, and whispered “I heard you talking to Perry. I know what you are up to Juan, and if you dare to continue hurting her, you’ll regret everything you once had.”

Juan laughed at the attempt in which Luke was trying to threaten Juan. “Walk with me.”

Luke had no choice but to go with him, so with that he followed Juan down the hallway.

“Here’s a deal. I will help you with whatever problem you have, if you don’t tell anyone about my little thing going on with Perry. Got it?” Juan said, convincingly.

“And what if I don’t want your help.” Luke asked.

“I will crush everything that ever once made you happy, and I will destroy Glee Club. Oh, and I will make sure that everyone knows about the drugs found in your locker.” Juan laughed.

“Wait, how did you know about..”

Juan rolled his eyes, “Never Mind how I found out about that. Point is will you keep your mouth shut or what.”

Luke sighed, and thought for a moment. “Fine.”

“Excellent. Now what can Juan do for you?” Juan asked, acting rather helpful and nice.

“I need to get over Emma, but I’m not sure how. I’ve tried everything.” Luke said, with a sigh.

“Lets continue walking. Follow me.” Juan said, taking them out of the school.

“We’re skipping class?” Luke said shocked.

“You’ll see why in a minute. Now move on and stop dawdling. “

Luke and Drew drove out of the school grounds and headed ten minutes outside of town.

Once they stopped, Luke looked out the window and realised where they are. “A bar?” asked Luke.

Juan rolled his eyes, “You are so naive. Yes this is a bar, now get out of my car and go in.”

Luke, uncomfortably walked into the bar, the guy at the front entrance asked if  they had any ID’s.

Because both of them were young, they had to get fake Id’s. Luckily, for Juan he was already prepared.

The guy at the entrance nodded his head and they continued walking in and following the crowd, as they walked they saw strippers dancing around on the stage and guys throwing money at them.

“How exactly is this going to help me move on from Emma and get me a girlfriend?” Asked Luke.

“Do I really have to do everything?” Juan asked. And so Juan started singing How To Be A Heartbreaker.

They moved closer to the stage to which Luke joined in singing, as both of them threw money at the strippers, asking for more and enjoying the dancers.

They then got up on stage and Juan started taking his shirt of and working the pole. The girls screamed as Luke laughed.

Luke walked through the bar, singing the slow part of the song. He was unsure this is what he wanted, he still missed Emma and his heart was still aching. He didn't want to be vulnerable again. He shrugged it off and continued singing the upbeat parts of the song.

Luke then got up on stage, and started using the pole, he was enjoying himself and sure enough he had not thought about Emma since he walked inside.

At the end of the song, a lot of girls came up to him and hugged him. Juan was happy with the result and was surprised at how fast Luke learned.

“How does this make you feel now? Are you over Emma, now?” Juan asked.

Luke thought for a moment, “At least I think I am.” he said, smiling and flirting with the girls that just walked up to him.

Back at school, Hayley was crying in the girls bathroom about Juan and Perry. Emma and Jade walked in and saw the girls crying.

“Hayley are you alright?” Jade said, as she took out some tissues and handed them to Hayley.

Hayley shook her head and used the tissues to wipe away her tears.

“What’s wrong?” Emma asked, concerned.

Hayley took a deep breath, and said “I saw Perry and Juan kiss. It’s not the first time I saw them together either.” she said sadly.

Emma and Jade both looked at each other, and rubbed her shoulders to comfort her. “Aw Hayley. I’m sorry.” Jade said, trying to be supportive.

“Juan asked me out to dinner tonight.” Hayley continued, sniffling.

“What did you say? Are you going?” Emma asked leaning against the toilet doors.

“I’m not sure.” Hayley replied. “Should I?”

Jade looked over at Emma, with concerned. “Personally, I don’t think you should. Yes he might be fun at first, but Hayley is that really what you want? Having sex with a guy who is clearly avoiding you, and then going back to his ex? He’s probably using you so that the more people he has the less chance of him losing someone and ending up with no one.” Jade said.

Emma rolled her eyes at the thought of Juan, “Listen Hayley, he’s nothing but a Cold Hearted Snake.” and then suddenly music began to play and the girls started dancing in the girls bathroom, then moved to the hallways. When the Chorus started,  the girls confronted Juan and danced and sang in front of him and around him while he was in class. Juan being completely oblivious by the fact that hot girls are dancing around him, he was too busy working and talking to Perry who was next to him..

Towards the end of the song the bell rang and Juan and Perry both walked off, and left the girls alone in the classroom. Leaving Hayley rather disappointed.

“You see.” Emma said, rolling her eyes.

“Look, you should come over tonight, Emma and I are having a sleepover. We will be having a girls night in, and we can help you.” Jade said, placing her arm around Hayley’s shoulder.

That night, Hayley, Emma and Jade all hang out in Jade’s room, in Pajamas and snuggled up to their pillows with bowls of chips and dip.

Hayley looked down at her phone and saw a message from Juan that said he was going over to her place at 8pm. She looked over at Emma and Jade and wondered if she should text back.

“Don’t even think about texting him back. After the thing that he did to you at the Gym and barely noticing you as you were singing to him? I think not! Let me tell you if that was Luke, In no way in hell would I even go.” Emma said, stuffing her face with a handful of chips.

Jade nodded and said “I agree, I know that you like the guy as more than just some kind of fling, but honey, you need to focus something more important. “

“And what’s that?’ Hayley asked, throwing a chip over at Jade.

“Your future. Your dreams! Remember Kerwin’s task? Do you even know what your dreams are?” Jade said, throwing the chip back.

Hayley sighed, and curled up in her sleeping bag. “No.”

Hayley’s phone buzzed again, and she picked it up and answered. It was a call from Juan for the first time in a week. She looked at the time and it was exactly 8pm.

“Hayley don’t answe...”

But before Emma could finish her sentence Hayley answered her phone.

“Hello?” Hayley said.

“Hayley! Where the hell are you? I thought we are going out tonight?” Juan said angrily over the phone.

“I’m sorry, Juan it was fun while it lasted but I just, can’t right now.” Hayley  said disappointed.

“Fun while it lasted? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?” Juan shouted.

Hayley sighed, and looked at Emma and Jade as she was talking to Juan. “I saw you two today. You and Perry. I can’t go through with this. I’m not someone who you can just replace once you’re bored. If you’re not over Perry then say so.”

Juan on the other side of the phone call was getting angrier and angrier. “I AM OVER PERRY OKAY. Just listen to me! What you saw in the Gym was nothing! We need to talk tomorrow okay. Meet me at the football field before class. Tell no one. Got it.” and with that, the phone hung up.

Hayley sighed, and the girls looked at each other worried. “How do you think that went?” Emma whispered to Jade.

“Not well.” Jade whispered.

Emma and Jade both went over and hugged Hayley tightly. No one had said anything, and all three began watching their movies. Before they knew it Emma and Jade fell asleep, However Hayley was not. She was wide awake and couldn’t sleep after what Jade had said. Maybe Jade was right about focusing on her dreams, rather than Juan. After all, she needs some sort of direction in where to go, and finding her dreams is the only way.

The next day, at Mckinley, Hayley was waiting at the football fields just like Juan told her to, she had been waiting there for nearly fifteen minutes, but after a while she was just about sick of it.

Just then, Perry saw that Hayley was waiting, and came up to her.

“What do you want” Hayley said, still angry at Perry after everything that happened lately.

“If you’re waiting on Juan, don’t.” Perry said, with a tear down her eye.

Hayley looked confused. “Why?” She asked.

“He’s not someone who you think he is.” Perry answered. “I know the situation between you and Juan. He told me.”

“Oh.” Hayley said.

“Don’t bother with him, alright? He’s not worth it. He’s mean, rude and he’ll do whatever he can to hurt people but keep himself safe. He’s using you, just like he’s using me for his own pleasure.” Perry finished.

Just then, Juan finally arrived and ran up to both Perry and Hayley. “What the hell are you doing here Perry.”

“Nothing.” She said.

“Don’t talk to her like that!” Hayley shouted.

“Don’t tell me what to do.” exclaimed Juan.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Hayley decided to talk, “So it’s true then. You were just using me?” Hayley asked Juan.

She looked over at Perry who was standing beside her, with her arms folded, and Perry looking rather sad yet angry at Juan.

“Yes.” Juan said. “But don’t believe everything that Perry said! What we had was fun! But I love Perry, honestly I do! She just doesn’t know what she is saying!”

“Save it Juan.” Hayley said disgusted. “I thought you were more than just this Jock everyone wanted to be with. But from what Perry is saying from what everyone told me, I’m glad they told me sooner than later.”

“Hayley, I...”

Hayley turned her head with her arms folded. “Don’t even think about it Juan. I am truly one hundred percent disgusted in you, and yes what we had was fun, but I am not some toy you can go around and return five days later once you had enough, I refuse to be something people can just replace me for something better because they’re bored of me..”

And with a swish of her wavy hair, and a turn she walked away and started singing Defying Gravity.

She walked slowly through the football field, looking at Perry and Juan, she then walked passed the bleachers, and walked through the halls of Mckinley High.

When she got into the second and third verses, she went into the Auditorium and started singing to herself in front of the empty chairs, with lights up and change of clothes wearing a beautiful full length sequined black dress.

With a sigh, Hayley felt relaxed. She was happy that she ended her fling with Juan but she was also happy that she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Hayley wasn’t always the type of person who knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life, she always thought that fooling around with everyone is better than being settled in and knowing what to do next. It was a lot simple and less complicated.

But then after singing one of her favourite songs from her all time favourite Musical, she now realised what she wanted to do with her life and she now realised that her dreams have always turned to one thing. New York. Sure, she doesn’t completely know right now what she wants to do in New York, but for one, she just knows that’s where she wants to be with her life.

Suddenly sounds of footsteps can be heard in the distance, and looking around to see where they’re coming from, she turned her heading down the center of the Auditorium past the chairs and standing right next to the stage.

Hayley looked down at Luke who was smiling at her. “Luke! Please don’t tell me you heard that!”

Luke laughed, and nodded his head. “I did. And it was amazing. I had no idea you liked Wicked!”

Hayley blushed a little, to be honest, Wicked is definitely her guilty pleasure, that no one knows about, she hadn’t told anyone ever since her mother took her to New York one time to see Wicked on Broadway. Since then she had dreamed of going to New York, and since then it has always been her favourite Musical.

“Well, it’s been a secret for quite sometime now.” Hayley said, walking off the stage to sit on the empty chairs.

Hayley watched as Luke followed her, “So how did you know that was from Wicked?” Hayley asked.

Luke sighed, “Between you and I, Wicked is also my favourite Musical.”

Hayley squealed with delight, and hugged Luke tightly. “Oh my gosh! We have to have a Wicked marathon or something at my place sometime!”

Luke tried to take Hayley’s arms off around him, “Uh Yeah sure that would be great.” Luke said, breathlessly.

Hayley noticed Luke was struggling with the hug, “Oops sorry.” she said blushing once more.

And ever since then, Hayley and Luke started becoming good friends, talking about Wicked, and other Miscals, spending time with each other, and singing and memorising lines from the Musical acting out and pretending as though they’re on broadway.

Feeling confident, Hayley knew exactly what she wanted to be and she knew her dream. She doesn’t want to be the person who she was went she met Juan, from now on, she’s going to focus everything on herself and not worry about relationships. She had enough, and to be honest, she was happy with her decision.

Just like Luke, she dreams of being on Broadway in New York. It seemed like the perfect opportunity and dream. She decided that she wasn’t going to focus on Juan anymore after everything that he did to her and Perry. She’s proud of who she is and she is so thankful with the friends that she had.

Walking in the hallways, she saw Juan and Perry were talking, and she shook her head, Hayley was happy with her decision, and she was definitely fed up with Juan’s actions. She want no part with his life and so she began singing Hung Up/Dancing On My Own as a mash up.

Walking by Drew who was looking at pictures in his locker of him and Skyler, she tapped him on the shoulder, and he joined in the dancing and singing. But instead of singing about Juan, he sang about Skyler, he knew that there was no point in waiting for Skyler, and he was happy that they are still friends.

They both danced their ways to the courtyard, and gathered a crowd and danced on the steps. As the song ended, the entire Glee Club was there, and they all clapped and cheered. They then surrounded Hayley and Drew and hugged them, supporting them and letting each other know that the Glee Club is proud of the two.

Back at the Choir Room, Hayley was already standing up, in front of the Glee Club. She was about to prepare her final number, when Juan and Perry walked passed, Hayley felt sad, not only that she was in a relationship with Juan who didn’t even love her back, but the fact that Perry was crying while she was with him. She thought that Perry and Juan was happy, but she felt as though something was not right and wanted to do something about it so that Perry won’t make the same mistake as she did..

Hayley began singing Chasing Pavements, dedicated to the relationship of herself with Juan and Perry.

As the song enters into the chorus,she and the Glee Club have now moved into the Auditorium where she has changed clothes, and the auditorium is now sparkling with a silver backdrop.

At the end of the song, Juan and Perry sneak into the Auditorium and listened to Hayley sing, after receiving a text message from Luke asking them if they could be there.

Everyone all clapped and Kerwin smiled, all standing up and giving a standing ovation besides Luke, who was reading a text message from an anonymous person.

Remember, Hensley. Watch out. I know what you’re up to.

Luke sat there reading the message, trying to figure out who sent the message.


 Song Title Original Artist/s Performer(s)
Dancing on My Own/Hung Up Robyn/Madonna Hayley Lovejoy and Drew Morgan
Oops! I Did It Again/I Don't Want to Know Britney Spears/Fleetwood Mac Hayley Lovejoy and Juan Bainbridge
How to Be a Heartbreaker Marina and the Diamonds Luke Hensley and Juan Bainbridge
Cold Hearted Paula Abdul Hayley Lovejoy, Jade Richman and Emma Lawson
Nothing The Script Luke Hensley
Defying Gravity Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth Hayley Lovejoy
Chasing Pavements Adele Hayley Lovejoy with New Directions (w/o Perry Scott and Juan Bainbridge)

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