Fools in Love
Season One, Episode Twelve
Fools in Love
First Aired 21/4/2013
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Fools in Love, is the twelfth episode of Season One of Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. It is written by Luke&DiannaMagick. The episode has a huge Moulin Rouge focus. It first aired on April 21st 2013.


The school musical has finally arrived! Emotions are running high as Jade and Luke fear their impending performance, with real feelings surfacing. Trae and Gareth encounter some trouble in paradise, Hayley is knocked back on her path to her dreams. New girl Layla Katchadourian falls instantly for a local jock... The Warblers are back, with a rather evil plan up their sleaves, leaving Hinton torn.


It wasn’t particularly easy being the new kid, and it was no different for new William McKinley High School addition: Layla Katchadourian. She anxiously wandered the halls of the building, colossal in comparison to her old school. Layla couldn’t help but feel out of place. She had only moved as her father had been promoted within the company he worked in and they had to Ohio. At first, Layla was resistant and refused to leave, causing issues within the family, but sadly she did not get her way and now here they are. Layla walked up to her new locker and began putting in the combination she received in her welcome pack from the office. She nervously began to fill the locker with anything valuable she didn’t want being stolen on her first day. She took out her chemistry text book as Chemistry was the first period on her timetable. Layla closed her locker and began to walk to tutor, whilst she walked she noticed her shoelace had undone and kneeled down to tie it, she tied it with a fast pace and then began to rise her head so her eyeline went from looking at the floor directly into the pathway of an incoming red liquid. It splashed all over Layla’s face, her eyes began to sting intensely as she rubbed the coloured slush away from her face. She was able to open her eyes, only to see the resident jocks walking off giggling. She had no idea who they were, the most information she got was one jock shouting “Nice one, Max!” Layla sighed, day one and she had been given a warm welcome from the popular crew, wasn’t this going to be a fun school year? Layla pulled herself up as she wiped herself down, meanwhile in the distance, one jock had remained falling behind from the others, his name being Will Hynes, he watched the clearly shattered girl and a look of pure sadness and guilt was spread across his face. He knew what Max did was wrong and wanted to help, it turned out to be too short of time as Will could hear the calls from his fellow jocks, he double checked the girl but was too nervous of what his friends would say and ran off before Layla got the chance to see him standing there. Layla checked her watch, if she didn’t hurry she was going to miss tutor, but she couldn’t go there looking like this. Suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder, she turned around slowly, in the hopes that the jocks hadn’t made a 360 degree turn to go for round two. However it was not the jocks, it was Jade. “Are you okay?” Jade asked. “Well, not really. I don’t know what just happened… I was getting my book and they…” Layla couldn’t finish the sentence as she sniffled “they… were total asses. Right?” Jade said finishing her sentence. Layla laughed. “Not what I was going for, but true none the less” she replied. “I’m Jade.” Jade said. Layla smiled, she thought maybe things could look up with the introduction of this bright personality. “Hi Jade, I’m Layla”. Layla replied. Jade smiled back as she linked her arm around Layla’s "How about we get you cleaned up?” Jade asked with a gentle laugh. Layla faintly nodded as the two girls walked into the bathroom. After a long session of scraping slush from Layla’s hair and face, reapplying her makeup and drying her hair, the two girls had finished. During the time they shared light conversation and began to bond. As they left the bathroom Layla realized she had missed tutor, her FIRST EVER tutor. What was her tutor going to think? She then realized, not only had she missed her tutor, Jade had also missed HER TUTOR. Would Jade get in trouble because she chose to help her? Layla expressed her concerns to Jade. “Haha, no don’t be silly. Nobody really cares about tutor anyway.” Jade replied with a slight giggle. “So what class you got next?” Jade said adding to the light conversation. “Chemistry” replied Layla. “Awesome! Come on, I’ll walk you there.” Jade offered. “Oh really? Are you sure, I mean you don’t have to.” Replied Layla. “Don’t be silly, it’s your first day and we are friends now right?” Jade asked. Layla felt so good at that moment, she had made a friend, she knew that the day could only get better from then on. She nodded at Jade’s question as the two girls walked arm in arm to Chemistry class. Suddenly Jade came to a halt in the corridor, “We still have a little time before class, and I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet, maybe you could do a favour for me?” Jade asked with a grin on her face. Layla looked baffled. “Sure…” she said as Jade pulled her along.

Soon enough, they were standing in the eyeline of Kerwin Dean. The girls sat in the two chairs facing his desk in his office as Kerwin began to speak. ‘Yes girls, how may I help you?” he asked. “Well sir, I think I just found a new addition to the New Directions”. Jade said. Layla looked at Jade, what on earth was the New Directions? “Oh really, so…” Kerwin struggled with Layla’s name. “Layla.” Jade butted in. “Layla…thank you Jade. Are you fan of singing and Glee clubs?” Kerwin asked. So that’s what the New Directions were, a glee club where they would sing in front of hundreds of people. Layla had never thought about joining such club in the past, the truth was she did love to sing and dance and she was pretty good at it, but it was always a spare time hobby at home. She looked at Jade, her face beaming with joy and excitement for Layla’s reply. She couldn’t let her first friend down, she was still uncertain but she thought she owed this to Jade. “I sure do, I would love to join.” Layla replied. “Well that’s awesome. How about you drop on by in the next meeting and audition for us?” Kerwin asked. “Sure.” Layla said with a sense of uncertainty only known to her. Jade squealed with joy and hugged Layla. “You’re gonna kill it, and I have the perfect song.” Said Jade as Layla smiled awkwardly behind Jade’s back. Kerwin waved the girls off as they left the office. “Good luck!” he shouted.


“One, two, three, four!” Kerwin called as the Moulin Rouge performers repeated the dance moves. Kerwin was fearing for his life this week, this was his last ever rehearsal before opening night tomorrow. He had faith in his kids, but he had an inkling that not everything was perfected, like something was going to go wrong. He could feel it in his bones. It sent fear through him, but as director it was his job to help these kids give the best show he could. If that meant lying saying everything was going to be fine, so be it. Kerwin once again repeated the tapping on the shoulder game and this time everyone was eventually tapped. Kerwin called for the kiss scene again and Luke and Jade both took to their positions, after dialogue the two acted out the kiss. Once again filled with passion, Luke couldn’t help but think that he needed this not just wanted it. He wasn’t acting, he wanted to kiss Jade with this passion. He decided he was going to speak to her about it when he got the chance today. Jade on the other side of the kiss had similar thoughts, she too believed it was time to talk out these feelings with Luke. Sooner rather than later.

Kerwin called for a cut and switched to singing scenes. He listened intently as Jade and Luke ran through the vocals of Come What May, but something felt like it was missing. Kerwin tried to explain it but each time the same thing was happening. The flare and passion needed to sing a song infront of a crowd, was lacking. He needed his two main stars to shine and at the moment their light was rather dim. “Cut! Cut! Cut! No, guys! Where is the passion? The feeling that makes me want to squeal with delight that Satine and Christian are singing a love song to one another? I’m not feeling a thing!” Kerwin yelled. “We’re trying our best…” Jade said awkwardly. Luke nodded. Kerwin sighed, “Okay you guys take a step back. I want to show you what I mean. You’re gonna be performing infront of hundreds of people tomorrow, you need to show them the wow factor, leave them speechless. Make the song your own. Take the moment by the neck and kill it.” Kerwin explained. He walked up onto the stage and signaled for the backstage crew to prepare for him to perform.

“Lights, please! Nature Boy- Track 1” Kerwin noted to the man in charge of the music. Slowly he began to sing Nature Boy the song more commonly known as the beginning song in Moulin Rouge. Kerwin performed with such strength but emotion and passion. It left the cast members stunned. This really explained why Kerwin was a music teacher, you could see how much he cared for the song. To capture the moment, to enthrall the audience with his voice. As the song was reaching it’s climax, Emma leaned over to Hayley and said “How on earth did he not acheieve his dream? He’s amazing” “I know, it must suck for him. I wish we could help him have the chance, someday.” Hayley replied. Emma nodded as the two continued to watch Kerwin’s performance, by now everyone was captivated and Kerwin had succeeded in displaying what Jade and Luke had to do in order to give the best performance they can give. As the song came to an end, everyone clapped vigorously and Kerwin took a bow. He nodded at Luke and Jade, who then returned to centre stage. “Okay, I hope that helped a bit. Now from the top!” Kerwin yelled.

Luke sat on the bleachers by himself, distant from the others. He was staring down at the floor, taking no notice whatsoever to his surroundings. Suddenly he heard footsteps echo across the room as Hayley walked up the bleachers to take a seat next to Luke. “I wondered where you were. Why are you in here? Planning to join the Cheerios?” Hayley made a small joke though Luke only produced a half smile at the joke. Hayley looked confused. “Luke, are you okay?” she asked. Luke sighed. ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Just really confused.” He replied. “Why?” Hayley asked puzzled. Luke reached into his pocket and handed Hayley a small folded up piece of paper. Hayley began to undo the folds and opened up the paper. She read the content out loud. “It’s the last week Hensley, prepare for the worst.” Hayley still had the puzzled look on her face. “Who gave you this?” asked Hayley. “I found it in my locker. It’s not the only one, they’ve been appearing for a few weeks now, it’s not only them. It’s these too.” Luke once again dug into his pockets and revealed another strange looking substance, unlike Luke, at first glance Hayley knew exactly what they were. “Ohmygosh! LUKE! Have you been involved with drugs?!” She said loudly. Luke signaled for her to quiet down and began to reassure her. “No Hayley, I swear. Someone wants to frame me, get me out of the picture. I don’t know who but somebody does. They keep threatening me with letters like this. I just don’t know what they mean though. I don’t even know how to stop it.” Luke explained. Hayley sighed and comforted Luke, “We should tell Mr. Dean. He and Principal Osbourne can fix this. Keep you safe.” Hayley said trying to pull Luke up to go to Kerwin. “No! No way Hayley! I don’t want anyone else getting involved. It’s too much hassle. I’ll be fine, just don’t tell anyone.” Luke begged. Hayley seemed torn, but Luke was her best friend and she didn’t want to hurt him or betray him. “Okay, fine. I won’t. But please, tell me if this keeps happening, if it carries on WE ARE GOING. Okay?” explained Hayley. Luke looked down and mumbled “Fine.” Hayley stood up and pushed her hair back. “I’ve got to go to practice on the field, I’ll see you later okay?” she said. “Sure. See you.” Luke replied as Hayley left the gymnasium, worry for Luke’s safety filling her thoughts. Once she left, Luke looked up at the ceiling and ran his hands down his face as he scrunched up the letter and tossed it in the nearest bin.

Trae sat patiently in the cafeteria waiting for Gareth who was already fifteen minutes late. Trae fumbled with his phone as he text Gareth for the fifth time. “WHERE ARE YOU?” the text read. Trae noticed the little ‘read’ symbol appear and after a further five minutes, no reply. Trae was now getting annoyed, Gareth was grinding his gears. I mean he doesn’t have to be with him all the time but it’s just rude to ignore somebody’s text. Trae’s patience was withering away and he really didn’t care if Gareth ate with him today or not. He was sick of waiting. Eventually after about thirty minutes, Gareth arrived at the table, he went to kiss Trae but Trae turned his head so Gareth only caught his cheek. “What gives?” Gareth asked confused. “You really want to go there? So you arrive THIRTY MINUTES late, ignore my texts and don’t pretend like you didn’t because I can see if you read them and you have the nerve to ask ME what gives?!” Trae bellowed. “Trae, calm down, babe. I was busy…” Gareth said but he was immediately cut off by Trae. “Well how about I will be busy everytime you ask me to meet you somewhere from now on?” Trae spat back. “Why are you acting like a baby?” Gareth asked. Trae was insulted as he flung his backpack on and stormed out the cafeteria, leaving Gareth to eat alone.

“You ready?” Jade asked. Layla nodded as she took a large gulp. “Sure”. Suddenly a voice bellowed through the choir room, “Ladies and Gentleman, please give it up for Layla Katchadourian as she auditions for the New Directions!” Everyone cheered as Jade signaled for the other girls to take centre stage with herself and Layla. “We’re going to be performing a Moulin Rouge classic, hope you enjoy boys.” Jade said flirtatiously as the lights dimmed. Layla opened the song. “The French are glad, to die for love.” She spoke softly as the music blasted out and the tune to Sparkling Diamonds became known. The song easily took form as a Jade and Layla duet with the other girls performing backup. They all were weairing beautiful red and long and sequined dresses. Each was like their own sparkling diamond, though in this case it is probably a ruby. The danced glamorously and sexily as they performed. The song was very gracious and female empowered. Each girl being as theatrical as possible, stunning the boys. If the girls could do this in the choir room, imagine what they could do in the actual musical! As they reached the bridge, Jade and Layla began making sexual noises, which confused some and wowed others. As the performance came to a close, the girls ended in a glamorous finishing pose as the boys and Kerwin erupted into applause. Wolf whistles were heard from one of the boys. Later discovered to be Juan. Perry rolled her eyes. “Wow ladies! That was breathtaking! Layla you have such an amazing voice! I think it’s safe to say. Welcome to the club!” Kerwin cheered and everyone clapped in agreement. Jade hugged Layla and asked if she was happy, and the truth is Layla was happy. She was uncertain about Glee Club, but after performing, after feeling accepted, loved and given such praise and respect. She felt at home. She wanted to be here, it felt right. Layla nodded. “I’m so grateful, thank you.” Layla replied as all the girls took to their seats. Kerwin walked to the centre of the Choir Room to speak. “Okay so guys, I’ve done all I can do. No more practicing for Moulin Rouge. Tomorrow you guys are going to kill it. I am so proud of you all and let’s hope to give the best performance ever. Good luck and I can’t wait to watch!” Kerwin said as everyone smiled and clapped. They too were proud of themselves and were very prepared to perform. “No breaks though, time to focus on Regionals after this!” Kerwin added tomorrow?” Jade asked. Layla thought about it for a second and nodded her head. “I wouldn’t miss it” Layla replied. Jade laughed and her eye caught Luke who was in deep conversation with Juan. Tomorrow she had to perform with him, and she had to speak to him before then. She couldn’t let her real feelings get in the way of her acting. She wasn’t going to ruin her chance to shine.

Hayley sat in the art room all by herself, looking out the window daydreaming as she leaned on the project she was working on. A project, which was ironically about dreams, and thus her project was a collage of New York and Musicals. Dreams really did centre Hayley’s life recently and when she discovered her dream was Broadway and New York with Luke she was so happy. That was until she told her parents.  Hayley, being rather excited about the discovery of her dreams immediately told her parents expecting support and encouragement to chase them. What did she get? Ridiculed. “That’s not realistic Hayley”. “You’re living in the clouds, you need a proper job”. They would tell her. It really knocked Hayley down. Ever since she has been miserable at home, she avoids her parents and wants to ignore them after what they said. How could they destroy their own daughters dreams just because they didn’t achieve their dreams? Hayley recalled her mother wanting to be a singer, sadly she had to quit her career when she got pregnant with Hayley, her father wanted to be a tour guide who traveled the world, but again when Hayley was about to be born, he wanted to stay and father her so he gave up his job. Hayley began to wonder, was it her fault? Were her parents bitter about dreams because she ruined theirs? Ever since, she kicked herself more and more and now Hayley cannot stand this project. Hayley sat there and sighed, she had no passion or strive to finish the project. Just a bunch of broken dreams. She wanted to go to New York, but how was she going to with her Parents being like that? She knew it was going to be almost impossible and she really didn’t want to focus on displaying her dreams through art if she couldn’t reach them, and on top of this, worrying about Luke has made her feel even more miserable and she just has no inspiration and cannot be bothered anymore. She just wished one day she could escape and live her life to the fullest. She looked out the window again and stood up, leaving the art room.

As her first school day was drawing to a close Layla was thrilled. Okay yes, it got off to a bad start but since then she has met new friends, been accepted into a Glee Club, had wonderful lessons and wonderful teachers. She was feeling on cloud 9. She walked through the halls with a huge grin on her face, only to be greeted once again by a slushie to the face. Who threw it? Take a guess, Max Chasson. Lately Juan had become a lot more tamer around the glee kids and he didn’t really slushie them, despite being popular. Max seemed to be the new leader of the popular jocks and was the culprit of all the throwing of the slushies. Layla flicked the slush off her face and sighed. Just when she thought the day was a good one, I guess bullies just get a kick out of making people miserable. Layla knew she had to get herself cleaned up and she stumbled to the bathroom, soaking wet. At the bathroom, she looked in the mirror and suddenly tears started to form in her eyes until suddenly she was bawling. The sound of her miserable moans echoing through the empty bathroom. At that time, somebody was walking past the girl’s bathroom and could hear the crying from the outside. Being concerned, they opened the door and entered the bathroom. Layla was alerted by this sound and turned her head to make sure whoever it was didn’t see her crying. “It’s okay, I heard you from outside.” Said a voice. Layla stop hiding in her jacket and looked up, still turned. She was confused, not only did she not know the voice, it was a male voice. Layla wasn’t stupid, she immediately wondered why a male was in the female bathroom. “Are you okay?” said the voice as he touched her shoulder. Layla jumped and by force of habit shot around and saw the male’s appearance. It was none other than Will Hynes, though Layla knew him as one of the jocks with Max from earlier on in the day. “What do you want? Come to laugh at the girl you’ve been picking on all day?” Layla said sarcastically. “Actually no, I came to check if you were okay. I heard you crying.” Will replied. “Look, I know I wear a Letterman Jacket, hang with the ‘popular crowd’ and I’m on the football team, but I’m not like the rest of them. I care. I don’t agree with what Max did to you today, BOTH times. He’s an ass that nobody wants to stand up to. You’re new, there was no need to treat you like that. Well, there’s no need to treat ANYONE like that. I’m just so sorry I didn’t step in when I should’ve. I watched you this morning, after it happened. I couldn’t help but feel guilty. I want you to know how sorry I am, I won’t let him do it to you again, okay?” Will explained, his hand on Layla’s shoulder. Layla nodded. “I’m sorry too. For assuming you were like them. You’re really sweet and I can’t thank you enough.” Layla replied. Will grabbed a towel from the side and gently wiped the slush dripping down Layla’s cheek. He moved the towel gently down her cheek, Layla could only imagine what a soft touch he had with his hands. She felt warm inside just speaking to him. She didn’t understand why. But something was different about Will. Layla formed a small smile at Will and Will shot one back. Layla made a quick joke “So, do you come here often?” her hands pointing around the girl’s bathroom. “Oh no, only for special people.” Will replied, the two laughed and Layla felt a spark within her. She didn’t know if it was Will’s personality, his looks or his smile but something about him she really liked. She was going to ask him his name when suddenly Will got a text, he quickly read it and then began to rush. “What’s up?” Layla asked. “That was my girlfriend, she is expecting me.” Will said as he prepared to leave the bathroom. “Oh, okay” Layla said awkwardly. “Thank you.” “It’s Okay, bye!” Will said smiling as he closed the door. “Bye..” Layla said quietly. She was down that she didn’t get to find out his name. Suddenly the door flung back open, ‘Oh btw, I’m Will. Will Hynes.” Will said as he once again left the bathroom. Layla smiled. Will Hynes, she thought it was a sweet name. She thought the person behind the name was sweet, everything about him. He was a cute guy and she began to think of that moment they shared with the towel, was she into him? No! He had a girlfriend! She couldn’t. But something about Will struck a cord in Layla, a cord of affection. She wanted to get to know him more, it was possible. After one conversation Layla Katchadourian may have a little crush on Will Hynes.

Paul was at his locker collecting his stuff to take home for homework when Drew suddenly walked up to him. “Hey” Drew said as he kissed Paul on the forehead. Paul blushed. “Aww, Hey. I’m gonna miss that when I go home in a minute”. Paul said, referring to the kiss Drew just gave him. “Yeah, about that. That’s why I’m here.” Drew said secretely. “What? I don’t understand?” Paul said confused. “Just come with me” Drew said as he grabbed Paul’s hand and pulled him along. They were running for quite some time up many stories until Drew eventually opened one final door which led to the school rooftop. Paul was still so confused as he began to see the light of outside. “Um, Drew. We’re not supposed to be up here…” he said worried. “Oh loosen up! Come on!” Drew said as he helped Paul up. Paul admired the break taking view of the surrounding neighborhood as he stood on the roof. “Wow, Drew. It’s amazing.” He said. So mesmerized he hadn’t noticed the two stools on top of the roof and the electronic candles placed carefully around on small podiums. Drew was already sitting on one of the stools and Paul looked directly at him. Drew gave him a smile and performed a gesture with his head to tell Paul to come and sit on the other stool. Paul did so and took a seat on the stool. “What’s all this for?” Paul asked. Drew laughed as he handed Paul a picnic basket. “Well, we’re gonna have a date here.” Drew said smiling. “What?” Paul asked. “Well, since you’re parents won’t let me see you. I thought, I want to make each date we have special, and what’s more special than a spontaneous date on the school rooftop with a beautiful view and a picnic?” Drew asked. “I guess nothing” Paul said laughing. “I love you Paul, and I am so happy to be able to call you mine. No matter what anyone says or tells us to do, we still have each other. This can be our little spot where we can be together. Nobody will have to know. Just the two of us.” Drew explained. “What if someone catches us? We could be expelled.” Paul said worried. “Two words, escape hatch”. Drew said. Paul giggled and looked at Drew. “You know, this really is perfect. I love you too.” He said. “I think I know how to make it even more special”. Drew said with a grin. “Oh, and what’s that?” Paul asked. “This.” Drew said as he leaned backwards and picked up his guitar. He got into position and began to play the tune of Your Song. “Since it’s Moulin Rouge week in Glee Club, I thought I’d play you my favourite song covered in the movie. Believe me when I say I mean every word.” Drew said as he continued to strum the guitar. He sang beautifully with such power and emotion as he sang the first verse and chorus to Paul. Paul watched with loving eyes, an infectious smile forming on his face, one that wasn’t going to go away for a while. As the second verse began Paul joined in singing and the two stood up of the stools and walked around the roof together, singing beautiful harmonies and expressing their love for one another. Suddenly it began to thunder, it came out of nowhere and neither Drew nor Paul anticipated it. It didn’t matter though, they continued to sing, looking lovingly into each others eyes. As the song was coming to an end it began to rain heavily. Drew started to struggle playing the guitar and placed it down to sing the last couple of notes acapella. The two held their respective partner in each others arms and sang. Drew sang the final line as he looked at Paul. “How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world”, Paul smiled and Drew leaned in and kissed Paul in the rain. It lasted for quite a long time. Eventually the two pulled apart and Paul looked up at Drew. “I love you.” He said. “I love you too” Drew replied as he gave Paul an eskimo kiss.

Hayley stood on a ladder in her room as she slowly decorated her walls. It looked like what seemed to be the cityscape of New York. It looked like she had been working on it for months. Which was true, it was never meant to be New York. Just some design that made Hayley smile, and New York made her smile. Being the type of girl she is, she couldn’t let it go unfinished despite what her parents said about her dreams. She knew by doing this it just made her more miserable but she needed to occupy her mind. She was just adding the finishing touches to the statue of liberty when her dad burst into her room shouting at the top of his voice. “I HAVE BEEN CALLING YOU FOR TEN MINUTES! DON’T IGNORE ME!” he screamed. He then examined the mural Hayley had been painting. “Still chasing this lost cause? Get a hold of reality girl! This is a childs dream! You are gonna be a doctor like we had planned for you.” He said sternly. Hayley groaned and cursed under her breath. “What was that?” her dad asked. In the corner of her eye, Hayley was watching her countdown until she made it to New York, right next to her treadmill as if she was always chasing her dreams. All of a sudden, Hayley cracked. “You know what? I AM SICK OF YOU TREATING ME LIKE THIS! THIS IS MY LIFE NOT YOURS AND I WILL MAKE IT BECAUSE I HAVE AMBITION AND STRIVE. IT SUCKS FOR YOU THAT YOU DIDN’T SUCCEED BUT IAM NOT GOING TO LET YOU RUIN MY DREAMS!” Hayley, now with tears in her eyes was breathing heavily. Hayley’s dad was silent at first, a cold look on his face. He uttered a simple phrase, “Get Out.” He said. “What?” Hayley asked worried. “Get Out and never come back”. He repeated. Suddenly the volume of his voice rose and he began to scream over and over. “GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!” He pushed Hayley out of the room and Hayley ran outside of the house and down the street to the local park, empty at this current time. It was getting dark and she knew it was dangerous, but she was just too upset to care. She sat on the swing and looked up at the dull coloured sky. She flicked through her iPod, and stopped at her favourite Moulin Rouge song. As the song started to play through her headphones and the music started to flow through her body, she began to sing One Day I’ll Fly Away, every word full of meaning, she did wish she could fly away from this hate, from people trying to get her down, like she said a few weeks ago, she wants to defy gravity. Nothing to hold her down and nothing stop her from getting where she wants to go in life. She sang with beauty and passion as she walked around the park, although the song didn’t fit her exact situation. She made it her own, As the song reached it’s climax Hayley ran through the fields her hands in the air, belting the notes. She eventually looked back at the neighborhood she was about to leave, she sighed as she sang the final note and turned around. Leaving the neighborhood behind, for now. She looked down at her phone and called Luke, she explained the whole situation on the phone to him and he completely understood. “Come stay with me tonight” he said. Hayley was eternally grateful that she had a friend like Luke. In no time Luke arrived with his mother in the car and they picked Hayley up, conversation was shared about Hayley’s situation in the car, the common “Are you okay?” tossed about. They eventually reached Luke’s house and Luke welcomed Hayley in. “This is always somewhere you can come if you’re hurting, okay?” Luke said. Hayley nodded and faintly smiled. “Thank you.” She said quietly as the two walked inside.

“So, are you coming tonight?” Danny asked his boyfriend as he handed him his coffee and took a seat. “Well, how could I miss you giving a performance, knowing you will be amazing?” Hinton replied. Danny giggled and began to blush. “Hehe, stop it you! Are you going to bring the other Warblers? You can buy tickets on the door, you know.” Danny informed Hinton. “Yeah sure, why not. The more the merrier, they will have to put up with my annoying self cheering my boyfriend on at the top of my voice.” Hinton said boldy. The pair started to laugh. Hinton then received a text from Jack Wright, underneath the table he began to read the text, it was a message calling him outside the Lima Bean. Suddenly Hinton’s phone began to ring, clearly Jack had provided a way for Hinton to leave Danny alone for a few minutes. Hinton quickly picked up on this and stood up. “I’m just going to take this outside, okay babe?” Hinton said. Danny, oblivious to Hinton’s true intent nodded his head and smiled. “Sure, babe.” Hinton nodded at the approval of his boyfriend and answered the call as he walked out the Lima Bean. He made sure to walk out of distance so that Danny could no longer see him and hung up the call. He turned the corner into the back alley and was greeted by Jack Wright. “Can we get in tonight? Jack asked. “Yeah, tickets can be bought at the door” Hinton said. “Good, if we’re gonna pull this off we need access into McKinley. It’s the only way to get close during the performance.” Jack explained. “Um but we have been entering McKinley in the day with ease…” said Hinton confused. “Yes because everyone is in the halls and we just blend in idiot! This time it will be too suspicious if we just waltz in when everyone’s all together in the auditorium. Seriously, do you ever use your brain?” Jack mocked Hinton. Hinton scowled. “Fine. I get it.” He said sharply. “Okay this is great, we can get in, this will go smoothly. You’ve been a great help Hinton.” Jack said slyly. “I’m not proud of it, I hate lying to Danny. I love him, and if he knew there was a hidden reason as to why the Warblers were attending tonight… he’d be broken. I couldn’t bare to see him like that.”  Hinton said with extreme guilt. “Oh get over yourself, wuss.” Jack said. “This is so The Warblers win at Regionals. You want that, right?” Jack questioned Hinton’s loyalty. “Yeah, I do.” Hinton said quietly as he retreated back into his shell. “Good, now go back to your boyfriend and act like everything’s fine.” Jack ordered. Hinton slowly walked off sadly until he was in viewing distance of Danny, where he changed his facial expression as he rejoined his boyfriend at the table. “Sorry about that,  Mom was panicking about something.” Hinton said lying through his teeth. “It’s okay.” Danny said smiling. “So, where were we?” Hinton asked trying to hold a natural conversation and make it seem like everything was okay with him.

Show day. Kerwin Dean was seated in the auditorium, front row. So far the musical had been a success; he looked down at his watch. It was almost time for the interval to finish. He wriggled in his seat as he stared at the stage. Meanwhile backstage Luke was preparing to go on stage, his fingers tapped away at the keys on his phone. It was clear he was texting someone. “About to go on. You here?” the text read. Skyler looked over Luke’s shoulder and read the contact name. “Who on earth is Tae?” he asked. “An old friend of mine, he’s transferring here soon and has come to see the play.” Luke explained, he jumped as his phone vibrated and he had received a reply from Tae saying he was in the audience. Luke sent a smiling emoticon as he was in a rush. It was almost time for Come What May and he STILL hadn’t talked to Jade. He really had to, before it all goes onto stage and the musical is ruined. They had to talk about their feelings.  Luke walked up to the curtain, Skyler and Trae following behind as the curtain was pulled back and Luke went on stage. He performed El Tango de Roxanne, with Skyler tackling the Spanish parts of the song. It was a stunning performance; Luke had hid his worries for later on away and gave it the best he could. Through the performance he spotted Tae and had gave him a smile, to which Tae sent one back as an approval of the performance. Eventually the number came to a close and the scenes continued.

Jade stood nervously behind the curtain. She was about to perform The Show Must Go On. So far she had just acted with Luke, she hadn’t actually spoke to him. She was in absolute fear of Come What May. There wasn’t much time left. Gareth walked up behind her and patted her shoulder. “You’re gonna kill this”, he said with enthusiasm. Jade formed a light smile as she took deep breaths. “You can do this Jade, this is your moment. Own it, do Nicole proud”. Jade lifted her head up as the curtain rose and the song began, Jade sang with such strength and power, everyone in the audience was mesmerized. During the performance, Jade thought a lot. She had flashbacks to recent events with Luke, how she felt about the situation, she wondered how he felt. She knew one thing though, as the song said. The show MUST go on and therefore she MUST speak to him ASAP. They can’t keep chasing each others tails. It’s time to be mature about the situation. With this new confidence and empowered decision, Jade’s voice has become even stronger as she owned the moment. As the song ended she got a full crowd of standing ovations. She contained her happiness as she walked off stage determined to find Luke.

Luke paced the floor backstage, freaking out about the upcoming performance. He never cracked under pressure, but the pressure plus his feelings. It was getting to him, he felt like he was going to faint. Suddenly a hand grabbed him by the shoulder, flipped him the other way around and planted a kiss on his lips. Luke’s immediate reaction was shock when he realized it was none other than Jade. Once the forced kiss had ended, Jade began to question Luke. “We have to talk about this”. She said. “I know…let’s just do it”. Luke said giving into defeat. “I like you, a lot. If you hadn’t already noticed, every single time we’ve been working together I’ve been thinking about kissing you. I had to do that just then, I had to.” Jade explained, heavily breathing. “Jade…I don’t know how I feel. I want to say I like you back, I mean the kiss was wonderful and you’re such a beautiful girl. I don’t know… I feel weird. Torn. Something doesn’t seem right with me….” Luke was interrupted by Jade. “It’s okay. I get it. Look we are going to do one thing before we get out and perform. I’m going to kiss you again, not scripted, not spontaneous and sudden. Just you and me, I want you to be completely honest. Do you see sparks fly when I kiss you? Or is it just a nice kiss but something’s not right. Be honest, please.” Jade said and in that moment she gently kissed Luke. Luke felt her warm energy flow through him, it certainly was a nice kiss, but Jade was right. He just felt like he was kissing Jade, not the girl he loved. He thought back, the time he kissed Emma. He saw fireworks, he was lit up with this new found joy. But Emma was long gone now, why couldn’t he like this beautiful girl in front of him? What was holding him back? Jade could sense the confusion Luke had and answered all the questions in his mind at once. “Luke, you’re still in love with Emma.” She said. ‘W..What?!” Luke said trying to understand what had just happened. “It’s okay. It’s seriously fine. I think you’ve been trying to block those feelings out, you think you’re over her. So you think you have feelings for me. I’m like a rebound Luke, yes some people take hurt at that. I’m not. I really do love you, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I don’t want you to lie about your feelings. It may not seem like you love Emma, but think about it. Who did you see the sparks fly with when you kissed them? Who makes you feel complete? I know you love me Luke, just not that way. I’ve been through a heartbreak, to be honest I’m surprised I’m not furious and freaking out right now…Something’s different. You’re my friend Luke, I want your happiness just as much as mine. I don’t mind that you don’t have feelings for me, because either way you do complete me. Just as my friend. I don’t want to stand by and get in the way of true love. I know I’ll find the person I love someday, but until then. I’m glad we could talk about this, it can only make our friendship stronger.” Jade explained, a smile on her face. No tears. Lena quietly listened to every word Jade said from behind a post as she spoke to Luke, she sighed. If only she could be the one Jade loved. Luke had just listened intently throughout; Jade was right. He had been using her as a way to think he was over Emma. The truth was, Luke never stopped loving Emma. He always had, and he had to make things right. Luke had said no words up until now. “…You’re right. Thank you, Jade. I can’t thank you enough. That’s so selfless and beautiful..” He said, struggling to speak. “It’s no worry honestly, I just wanted the truth. Now, how about you and I go and kick some ass in this song, blow everyone away and then you need to go find Emma!” Jade said. Luke looked surprised… “What about…” Luke went to speak. “What about nothing, you’re going to find her and tell her how much you love her.” Jade ordered. Luke laughed and nodded. Jade was right. The two held hands as they faced each other. “Good luck, Christian.” Jade said giggling. “You too, fair Satine.” They two smiled at each other as the curtain rose and they went on stage, immediately they were in character. Come What May began as Jade and Luke approached each other. Singing this beautiful, romantic song. The two became very believable, it was magical. Though something was different, despite that conversation. The two had never performed better. They felt so connected with each other and it really came off in the performance. There was not a dry eye in the auditorium, Kerwin smiled proudly at his two stars. He knew they could do it. As the false rain fell down on the pair, flashbacks occurred of Luke and Emma at BreadStix for the first time, Emma’s party, Just before Sectionals. You could see the love between the two”. Luke linked his hand with Jade’s as they sang the last note and the music faded. The crowd erupted into cheers and Jade gave Luke a faint smile. She mouthed the words. “Nice one.” Luke contained a giggle. The curtain went down. Jack watched on from the seats. “Almost time.” He said as he nudged a teary eyed Hinton. Jack tutted and rolled his eyes. The rest of the musical was a success and Kerwin could not be more proud. It was now the time of the after party and Luke had slipped away from said party for a moment, he had a plan. Emma was walking down the empty halls of McKinley, after having received a crazy text from Luke. Asking her to meet him in the auditorium for a moment. She didn’t understand why, but she was going anyway. She walked through the auditorium doors, she walked into pure darkness. “Luke?” she called out, thinking maybe he had played some stupid joke on her. “LUKE?!” She repeated. She got the light from her phone out and began walking down the stairs. Suddenly a huge spotlight shone on Emma. Emma squinted as she looked up at the lights source. Standing there she saw a figure. “Miss Emma Lawson, I want you to listen to what I have to say.” A voice said. Emma immediately realized it was Luke. She walked up to the stage as small spotlights began to turn on as she walked. She reached the centre as Luke made his way down to her. “Luke, we’ve been through this. I’ve told you..” Emma went to speak but Luke interrupted. “I love you. I always have and I always will. I’ve done some stupid things in the past, hurt you. I cannot express how sorry I am, the truth is…It’s always been you Emma. You’re everything to me, since I met you I felt like I had found the missing puzzle piece and when you were gone…I didn’t feel complete. Look, I’m just a fool in love. All I ask is that you hear me out, Emma Lawson. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. If you just give me another chance to be yours…I swear I will never hurt you again.” Luke explained passionately. He went to touch Emma’s shoulder. Emma took a step back. “Luke…I can’t do this again. I can’t let myself fall in love with anyone.” Emma said nervously. “As the great Ewan McGregor once said as Christian, A life without love, that’s terrible! Emma, I just want you to know how much I care about you. And for you to hear me about. “Luke..” Emma said, holding back. “All you need is love!” Luke shouted. “Please, don’t start that again…” Emma said embarrassed. Luke started to sing the tune to Elephant Love Medley as he grabbed Emma’s hands and sang lovingly into her eyes. Emma continued to try and hold back. Throwing excuse after excuse, refusing to look at him. Emma pulled away from Luke’s grip. “Love is just a game…” she said softly. Suddenly the curtain went up and the band started to play as Luke danced around the auditorium stage singing about his love to Emma. Luke sang Christian’s parts in an attempt to woo Emma and get her back, whilst Emma sang Nicole’s more reserved parts. Not letting herself give in to Luke’s charm.

The song tempo began to change as Luke started to sing a part of in the name of love. He grabbed Emma’s hand and twirled her around. She couldn’t help but laugh. “You crazy fool, I won’t give into you.” She said as she walked off the stage. Luke followed after her. “Don’t leave me this way, I can’t survive, without your sweet love.” Emma walked through the auditorium chairs, brushing her hand along the top of the banister, she softly sang a part of Silly Love Songs. Luke rushed behind her and turned her around as he held both her hands. “I look around me and I see it isn’t so”. Emma slowly began to smile as she began to look Luke in the eyes. “What’s wrong with that? I’d like to know, cause here I go. Again!” Luke sang as the song picked up speed and Luke ran around the auditorium, Emma in hand. She giggled as Luke sang lovingly to her at the top of his voice. Emma tried to calm him down but nothing was going to work. He stood on the chairs and serenaded her. “We could be heroes! Just for one day.” He jumped down and looked at Emma, hoping for her to approve. She laughed and continued to sing. “You, you will be mean.” She said. “No I won’t!” Luke giggled as he tried to touch her face. Emma did her best to push back his love but it was clear she was falling for him all over again. The two made their way back onto the auditorium as the song picked up speed again. They harmonized to parts of Heroes and then Luke wrapped his arms around Emma’s waist and sang parts to I Will Always Love You. Emma joined in gradually and the feeling of uncertainty was fading. The two sat down on the auditorium stage, cross legged as the song got quieter and quieter. Luke gently sang to Emma as she sang the final lyrics to him. She finally gave in, she was in love with him. She always had been too. “How wonderful life is, now you’re in the world.” Luke leaned in for a kiss and Emma allowed him to. They kissed passionately and when they broke apart. The two rubbed noses and smiled at each other. “I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.” Emma said giggling. Luke laughed and the two went back to kissing.

Both Luke and Emma had returned to the after party and were having a great time. The scars had healed and now Emma and Jade were also fine. She gave Luke an approving wink to say, nice one. Luke laughed. Later on in the night he needed to go to the bathroom so he casually slipped out of the gym and walked through the halls of the school.  He had received a text from Tae, saying how much he enjoyed the music. Luke smiled, he couldn’t wait for his friend to transfer. Everyone would get along so easily with him. Most of the halls were quite dark now; he walked through them, hearing the echo of his loud footsteps as he went. Suddenly a hand was thrown over Luke’s mouth as he was dragged into a dark classroom. It became apparent someone was holding him captive for whatever reason. He squirmed but nothing was of any use. A small light was placed in the area and Luke could make out the faces. “J…Jack?” It was none other than Jack Wright, staring him directly in the face with an evil look. Behind him, a well built warbler. “You dare scream and my good friend here will have to give you a nice beating.” Jack said. Luke nodded and the large warbler removed his hand from over Luke’s mouth. Luke breathed heavily and spoke, “What on earth are you doing?!” Luke said. “I warned you, you only had a week left.” Suddenly it clicked, Jack was Luke’s mysterious messenger. “It was you! Why?! What do you want from me?!” Luke asked confused. “It’s simple really, we saw you at Sectionals, then again at the musical today. You’ve got star power, TOO much. The New Directions have a better chance of winning at Regionals if we don’t interfere. So you’re going to join the Warblers. No worry about tuition, we’ve got that covered. We need to remove the strong links, you’re one. So pretty boy, time to say goodbye to your friends. You’re a warbler now.” Jack said smugly. “What?! NO FRIGGIN WAY!” Luke yelled, only to be kneed in the ribs by the large warbler. “What was that? I’m sure unless you don’t want Principal Sasha to find that large stash of drugs that may or may not be in you locker, thus getting you expelled, then you’re going to join us.”  Jack said manipulating the situation. Luke sighed. Did he really have a choice? He was being blackmailed… he needed some form of education to reach Broadway and… nobody would believe him about Jack anyway. He began to cry. “Aww, big baby. What are you going to do then?” Jack said coldly. “Fine”. Luke said, fighting back the tears. “Excellent! Now why don’t you come with us, we’ll get you fitted for a new blazer.” Jack said as they left the room. Hinton followed shortly after, slowly behind the others as he was texting Danny. “Where are you?” Danny had asked. “Busy right now, I’ll see you soon x” Hinton had replied. He sighed as he fought back the tears from the horror he just witnessed and caught up with the others.

 The next day, everyone was in the Choir Room. Ready for the day’s lesson. Kerwin was just congratulating everyone on a wonderful night and that he was so proud of everyone, when Luke walked in late. “Oh, Luke! Just the man. Great performance last night! Can’t wait to see you storm it all over again tomorrow…” Kerwin said. Everyone started to clap. Luke signaled for everyone to stop. “No guys…please don’t. I have something to tell you. May I, Mr. Dean?” Luke asked. “Sure.” Kerwin said confused as he moved out the way so Luke could stand in the centre of the Choir Room. “Okay guys. I can’t believe I’m saying this. But as of tomorrow…I’m transferring. To Dalton Academy. Hayley already knows about this but I thought you guys should know.” Luke explained. Hayley nodded, trying to fight back the tears for her generous friend who had just took her in. “W…WHAT?! WHY?!” Trae yelled. Everyone was in a deep confusion. “My Dad wants me to get better education…” he said. “I’m sorry guys, I know it’s the musical tonight but I can’t do it. Drew will have to play Christian. He’s my understudy after all.” Luke pointed to Drew. “What on earth is going on?!” Jade said now teary eyes. “I’m sorry guys, but I have one last gift to you guys. Thank you for making these last few months some of the best ever.” Luke said as he walked towards the piano and started playing the tune to The Parting Glass, he sang with such emotion. It was clear the song meant so much to him. He dedicated the song to his friends and how much he loved them. Everyone was crying, Emma watched her boyfriend? As he sang. She knew something wasn’t right. She looked at him fall to pieces in the song, it seemed only visible to her. Luke eventually reached the end of the song and was in tears. “T..Thank you.” He managed to get out and Kerwin clapped gently. “Thank you Luke, you’ve been a wonderful student.” He said sadly as Luke ran out of the Choir Room in an upset. Emma followed after him as Kerwin slowly took to the centre of the room again, “Okay so Drew… looks like you’re Christian now.” He said without much excitement. Drew sighed and looked at a tearful Jade. He went over to hug her and make her feel a little better.

Luke stood at his locker, taking everything out as he wiped the tears from his eyes. Emma approached him and kissed him on the cheek. “What’s really going on?” Emma said concerned. Luke sighed, he always knew Emma could see right through him. “I’ll explain everything tonight. Come to mine okay? I don’t want to lose you. Not after I just got you back. I love you Emma, it’s just to much to talk about right now.” Luke explained. Emma nodded. “That’s fine. I love you too. I’m going to miss you so much.” Emma said as she rested her head on Luke’s shoulder, the two sat in silence as they thought about the recent events.

The New Directions gently swayed on the auditorium stage, the musical was now over. Critics loved it, Drew certainly did a great job. The week was almost over, but so much had gone on in terms of romance, and now they had lost a dear friend, but also gained another. They began to sing Fool in Love, all of them relating to their own struggles with love. Trae and Gareth sang about how they felt at the start of their relationship, the difference now they were feuding. Jade sang about Luke, Lena about Jade. Drew and Paul sang romantically to each other, Emma sang about Luke, how she would never let him go, she now knew the truth but respected his choice to stay quiet and Layla thought about Will, how he could never be hers due to having a girlfriend. How No matter how far away he was. All the New Directions poured their hearts into the song. It meant a lot to everyone. Meanwhile, Luke sat in a Dalton classroom, suited in his Warbler Uniform he looked out the window as he sang his parts of the song. He sighed as a single tear ran down his eye. Hinton watched him from afar, he couldn’t help but feel bad. The scene flashed back to the New Directions as they ended the song, Kerwin walked up onto the stage and the group all hugged. Glad that although the musical was a success, that this week was over.

Roles for the Musical:Edit

  • Kerwin Dean as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
  • Jade Richman as Satine.
  • Luke Hensley as Christian.
  • Trae Lachtner as Narcoleptic Argentinean
  • Gareth Adams as Harold Zidler.
  • Skyler Parks as Spanish dialogue during El Tango de Roxanne.
  • Danny Gallacher as The Duke of Monroth.
  • Hayley Lovejoy as Nini Legs-in-the-Air.
  • Juan Bainbridge as The Doctor.
  • Paul Prescott as Le Pétomane.
  • Emma Lawson as The Green Fairy.
  • Jas Montez as China Doll.
  • Gauri Daniels as La Petite Princesse.
  • Drew Morgan as Audrey.
  • Will Hynes as Le Chocolat.
  • Max Chasson as The Stage Manager.


Song Title Original Artist/s Performer(s)
Nature Boy Eden Ahbez (David Bowie version) Kerwin Dean
Sparkling Diamonds

Carol Channing/Madonna (Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Caroline O'Connor, Natalie Mendoza and Lara Mulcahy version)

New Directions Girls
Your Song Elton John (Ewan McGregor and Alessandro Safina version) Drew Morgan and Paul Prescott
One Day I'll Fly Away Randy Crawford (Nicole Kidman version) Hayley Lovejoy
El Tango de Roxanne

The Police/Mariano Mores (Ewan McGregor, José Feliciano and Jacek Koman version)

Luke Hensley, Trae Lachtner and Skyler Parks
The Show Must Go On Queen (Nicole Kidman and Jim Broadbent version) Jade Richman and Gareth Adams
Come What May Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman Luke Hensley and Jade Richman

Elephant Love Medley

Sweet/The Four Aces/Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes/The Beatles/Chris Isaak/Kiss/Phil Collins/U2/Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes/Paul McCartney and Wings/David Bowie/Dolly Parton/Elton John (Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman and Jamie Allen version)

Luke Hensley and Emma Lawson
The Parting Glass The Wailin' Jenny's (Cara Dillon version) Luke Hensley
Fool in Love Rihanna New Directions

Featured CastEdit

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