Gareth Adams
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: August 19, 1997
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
Relationships: Trae Lachtner (boyfriend; kissed, in love with)
Friends: Trae "Rebel" Lachtner
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Welcome to the Choir Room
Portrayer: Tikeisamazing

Gareth Adams is a main character in Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight.  He is currently a freshman student at William McKinley High School, where he actively participates in the New Directions. He was introduced in the pilot episode, Welcome to the Choir Room.

Gareth is portrayed by user AmazingTike.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Season One[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Choir Room[edit | edit source]

Gareth first appears when he auditions for the glee club. He introduces himself to Kerwin Dean and sings I Get A Kick Out of You. He is later accepted into the club. Along with Trae, he then comes up with the idea to sing Good Life in the cafeteria in order to try and recruit new members. However, following the performance, he and the rest of the glee club are slushied by the popular crew. They leave to go clean their faces as the episode ends.

The Sting of a Slushie[edit | edit source]

Gareth first appears in glee club with the other members of the group, right before Skyler's audition. He then later appears in an alleway at 2 AM, where he was fatally mugged and stabbed. His fate is then left unknown for the rest of the episode.

What the Heart Wants[edit | edit source]

Gareth appears along with Trae in the performance of We'll Be Coming Back to welcome them both back to the glee club. This is the only time he appears in the episode.

Behind Those Eyes[edit | edit source]

Gareth is seen watching the diva-off between Trae and Perry, and votes for Trae to win at the end. Throughout the episode, Gareth is seen helping Sis try to get over her 'problems.' He then takes her to the auditiorium for her to watch the glee club's performance of Yellow.

The Grief of Acceptance[edit | edit source]

 He is at Emma's house party with the rest of New Directions. Gareth then later confronts Drew about him being gay, saying that they have the proof. Gareth and Trae later talk about Gareth's mugging and rape, to which Trae comforts him, as Gareth knows who did it. 

Live to Compete[edit | edit source]

Gareth appears in court while Judge Gaby is deciding whether or not to sentence Andy to time in jail. He later thanks Jack Wright for his help along with Trae. He then appears singing onstage at Sectionals with New Directions. 

Personality[edit | edit source]

Notable Relationships[edit | edit source]

Songs[edit | edit source]

Solos[edit | edit source]

Season One:

Duets[edit | edit source]

​Solos (In a Group Number)[edit | edit source]

Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Good Life Welcome to the Choir Room Luke, Jade, Drew, Trae, Emma and Gina

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