Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight is an open fanfic created by Luke&DiannaMagick, IiLoveKlaine and DrewlovesKuinn. It shows the members of Glee Wikia inside the Glee universe, showing them in all different kinds of lights.

The fanfiction is set in a parrallel universe to the one Glee is set in. This means that there are similar characters who are based on similar people who have similar characteristics, but they are not limited to what that person is. For example, Sis Sylvester is closely based on Sue Sylvester. They both have extremely similar names, the same job and the same personality to some degree.

The characters start out the way the original characters do, and after that, they begin to branch out in different directions that the original characters did not. There are similar storylines, but they are not specific to the person. For example, the Jade and Drew crush started similar to the Kurtcedes crush, but branched off in a different direction that was much more hostile.

So far, the series is little over half of the way through the first season with episode thirteen in production. Four episodes written by Luke&DiannaMagick have been published, four episodes written by DrewlovesKuinn have been published and three episodes written by IiLoveKlaine have been published. One episode written by Dongaload has been published.

The series has 17 main characters as of Fools in Love. Although these characters are credited as main, several of them are more recurring. They are included in all episodes so far, with the exception of Lena Faith, Skyler Parks, Hayley Lovejoy and Layla Katchadourian who were introduced in later episodes and are therefore unable to be in all episodes.

This said, there is very obvious characters that are considered most important. These are, Drew Morgan, Jade Richman, Hayley Lovejoy and Luke Hensley. Gina Garcia and Skyler Parks are also important, but are secondary to the four who have the main spots.

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