Gone Broadway
Season One, Episode Eighteen
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"The Sylvester Method"
Gone Broadway, is the eighteenth episode of Season One of Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. It is written by ?. The episode will be a tribute to songs from musicals.




  • Kerwin sets the assignment of 'Broadway Week'. The kids each perform famous songs from their favourite musicals.
  • Layla will have unrequited love struggles.
  • Alison and Gauri go head to head again, with explosive results.
  • Love takes a toll on Sis Sylvester, and a secret is revealed about her in the process.
  • A new friendship is formed.
  • Jade dedicates "I'll Cover You" to Drew.
  • Luke and Hayley take this assignment by the horns and plan to give the most mind blowing number they can. They both know there is only one musical that can help them achieve this; Funny Girl.
  • The popular girls are all geared up to give one female member of New Directions a full blown makeover.


 Song Title Musical(s) Performer(s)
What is this Feeling?


Alison Keeley and Gauri Daniels
On My Own

Les Miserables

Layla Katchadourian
I'll Cover You RENT Jade Richman and Drew Morgan
Another Suitcase in Another Hall Evita Sis Sylvester
Don't Rain on My Parade Funny Girl Luke Jenner and Hayley Lovejoy
You Can't Stop the Beat/You're the One That I Want Hairspray/Grease Luke Jenner, Emma Lawson, Drew Morgan, Paul Prescott, Jade Richman, Lena Faith, Gina Garcia, Skyler Parks, Daniel Gallacher and Hinton Collins

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