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Season One

My Kind of Love is a solo sung by Trae Lachtner in Diva's Do It Best. He sings along with the New Directions all dressed in white, at the end of the episode. He sings about his way of loving and how he feels about Gareth. Throughout the performance there are many romantic scenes between Trae and Gareth and Gina and Skyler. As well as hateful glares between Gauri, Hayley and Alison. The song is partly a montage of Perry Scott at her house writing in her diary about how she feels about her life, in fear that Juan Bainbridge will catch her writing, she is constantly looking behind her back. The song concludes with a single tear landing on a page of Perry's diary, which causes the corner of the page to curl up. The song is originally sung by Emeli Sandé.

Gina Garcia is a main character in the fanfiction Glee Wiki: Under The Spotlight. She was created by GinaSays16. She first appeared in Welcome to the Choir Room; the series pilot.

Gina is described as shy, intelligent girl who slowly is coming out of her shell after falling in love with Skyler. Can be bitchy when threatened, is protective about Skyler. Working on her anger stuff.. She is currently dating Skyler Parks.

Gina is portrayed by GinaSays16.


I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Emma Lawson to Luke Hensley, - Fools in Love


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Testing go away no peeping

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Hi guys, this is just a blog to say... I quit UTS. I'm sorry for dropping a bombshell like this but…

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