New Directions

Debut: Welcome to the Choir Room
Type: Glee Club
Head: Kerwin Dean
Institution: William McKinley High School
Awards: N/A
Status: Active
New Directions are the Glee Club of William McKinley High School. It was given the name of "New Directions" long before Kerwin Dean took over the group.  Sis Sylvester warns Kerwin not to try, but ignoring her warning, takes over the club.


To date, there has only been one director of New Directions, Kerwin Dean, the loveable asian with a vendetta against Sis Sylvester.


The members in New Directions are a mixture of people, not necessarily one sexuality, one race, or one gender. As of Fools in Love, there is eleven female members and six male members, making a total of seventeen members.

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