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Welcome to the Choir Room:

The Sting of a Slushie:

What the Heart Wants:

Behind Those Eyes:

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Welcome to the Choir Room:

Okay, so I actually quite enjoyed this episode at the start. It had some funny Siswin moments and an overall good feel. However, as it progressed I felt that some of the spotlight was being shone on characters who would soon be irrelevant. I liked this episode, but looking back now it seems a bit like a filler. However, it WAS an excellent pilot.

5/10 :)

The Sting of a Slushie:

Writing it I felt that it was very good, but re-reading it now after countless episodes have gone by I realize that it had way too much drama and way too much going on in such little words (because it was really short). It WAS my first time writing a Glee fanfiction so I guess it wasn't going to be perfect, however I felt the storylines were okay and I quite liked my ending.

6/10 :)

What the Heart Wants:

Aww, the first fluffy episode AND the valentine's day ep (which is the only themed ep we've done)! I loved this episode because everytime I read it, I end up smiling. The Jrew was perfect, the storylines I messed up were followed through nicely and it had a great overall feel, as well as a good introduction for Hayley.

8/10 :)

Behind Those Eyes

I loved it but I hated it. Well written, well thought out and good storylines, but I freakin' hated the storylines! Damn you Luke, you killed Jrew! (at least I got to bring it back next ep #continuity) But yes, very... Sissy ;)

6/10 :)

The Grief of Acception

By far one of my favorite episodes so far. I loved the way I wrote it, especially certain scenes in the middle. I felt like I had lost it at the beginning and the end but the middle chunk was pretty good. Kinda put Emma out of character and too many songs, but I enjoyed this one.

7/10 :)

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